Need advice how to spend my orbs

I saved around 9 months for this summer and spent around 350 orbs + 30 tickets in my first session.
Got Nero as I wanted 2 times and 2 times Nitocris.
Got quite a little bit too greedy after that and spent another 100 tickets to get 3Helena (which I do not like and burnt 1 to get Monalisa), Zhuge Liang, and 2 Emiya assassin. I actually hoped for Raikou or Alter.
Now I have 300 orbs left and 5 Tickets… Not sure if I should spend the rest to go for them…
Gameplay wise, I got the feeling that Alter is just inferior to my lvl 90 kintoki but Raikou looks promising in team with my Merlin.
For Lancer ST slot, I have Enkidu 10/6/9 who would share a spot with Raikou.

Another thought of mine is to save up for Shimosa for Musashi and Tomoe as they both would benefit a lot from my Merlin.

What are your thoughts?

Save for Musashi; you mentioned dps for nearly each class aside from saber.

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If you’re looking to get Raikou, don’t roll on the second banner right now, it’s just Maid and Helena on rate-up since last night until the 13th (9pm pdt). As to whether you should roll for Raikou tomorrow evening or continue saving for Musashi, I suppose it comes down to if you have a strong Saber or not. As you already have a strong ST Lancer, if lacking a Saber, the choice should be obvious. Otherwise go with whoever you deem more waifu material.

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If you realllly love Lancer Raikou or Maid Alter, then go for it. Just wait for Lancer Raikou’s solo rate-up though to maximize your chance. Yes, most people would agree that Maid Alter’s performance is inferior to Rider Kintoki, but it’s more fun to use favourites anyways.

If you like Musashi and Tomoe more, then save for them instead.