Need advice on choosing a new tablet or phone for F\Go

Well, my old xiaomi redmi note 3 pro is dead (battery issues). And when i search for new one, read many posts about blue lines on smarts wich screen aspect ratio differs from 16:9. Many of new smarts have 18:9 or even 19.5:9 screen aspect ratio.

So, can anyone share their experience of playing F\GO on 18:9 smartphones? Like Mi Max 3 or Honor Note 10 or Honor 8x or something similar with big screen size, like Mi Pad 4 plus tablet.

Wise words @Inkaflare

Not sure if it fits your question, but I’m currently using the iPad Pro to play the game.(Kinda similar to the Xiaomi Tablet?) The large screen makes the more cinematic NP’s look hella good. The game still plays as normal, you just have bigger buttons. As for performance, it’s considerably better than the Andriod , but the new update on the UI that’s. going to come during the next major update may change things to make it more optimised.

I’ve got an account on an iPad mini (~4 to 5 years old) and a Samsung Tab A (1 year old) . The iPad connects to the server significantly faster than the Tab A, but is more prone to unexpected app crashes, usually in the middle of np sequences. The Tab A is a lot slower connecting to the server so it takes a while to load each battle, but doesn’t crash as often. However the longer the app has been on (including idle time) the more likely it is to stop displaying various layers of graphics (servants and enemies, quest buttons, CE’s on support page, etc) until you close and restart the app.

I used to play on a no name $50 android tablet. Way too underpowered and fgo crashed about every other battle, and then a row of the screen sensors died. That lined up with the support servant class selector buttons in one orientation and the servant skills buttons on the battle screen in the other orientation, so I had to constantly flip the tablet around. Make sure you don’t cheap out too much on your device and get one with sufficient power and memory.

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Had an issue with my keyboard where it typed the entire top row + Enter every time I hit p.

On topic: I’m using the Honor View 20, which has an 19:9 aspect ratio thanks to having a hole punch selfie cam instead of a notch. In most non native fullscreen apps, it defaults to 18:9, leaving a bar the size of the hole punch at the top. FGO then additionally adds the blue borders you mentioned to keep the game at 16:9, making it look like this:

If your phone doesn’t have a notch or hole punch, you will simply have the blue borders, not the black one on the left. It does look a bit dumb, but I’ve honestly stopped noticing it after a while. The image doesn’t feel squished or anything since you barely lose any effective screen space. I do hope FGO adds support for higher aspect ratios at some point since every other game I’ve played manages this just fine with zero issues, but it’s not a big deal either way.
As for performance: the V20 has a Kirin 980 processor, which is about the same as a Snapdragon 845, which you can find in most high end phones from last year (this year the 855 is out which is slightly better). The game literally never lags, not even on switching servants on death or with the plugsuit, and load times are about 20 seconds at most to get into a battle. So this processor is already way overkill, and the phone cost me 500 bucks when I bought it 4 months ago. You definitely don’t need anything expensive to play FGO just fine.

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I’ve said this before, that if you’re playing NA the game is basically 2 years old (unless they’ve done a lot of updates behind the scenes, but since some QoL updates haven’t made it over, I’m not sure they always have) which should mean that just about any phone from the last couple of years would be more or less okay. What we have for NP animations and whatnot is what JP players had 2 years ago, so their phones back then would have needed to be able to display it.

You can also cache battle data and download game data through My Room/Game Options that would help with connection and game performance issues as well.

So, basically this.

Thanks to all for advices. I will just buy Mi Pad 4 Plus. 16:10 and 10.1 inches should be just fine for comfort playing.