Need Advice on early game progression

I started the game a few days ago and have cleared till half way of chapter 1. I wanted to know if there is something that I need to do to set up for mid to late game that is not immediately apparent.

I am levelling operators at increments of 10 levels spreading the exp cards around all types and have a general level of 15~30 across all operators on the squad. I wanted to know should I farm exp/lmb or just push the story right now and when to switch… I have cleared all stages fully without supports till now…

And is it possible to have a recommended squad for the very first annhilation stage? I can clear ~150 before running out of seals…

All advice is appreciated…

Specific operator names that I should target are also welcome… I only rolled once on the started banner and am saving for another 10-shot rn… My 6-star was Angeline supporter…


I don’t really have any super suggestions; you’re pretty much doing everything right! There is a pretty cool banner you might want to save your orundum (the red stuff for pulling for operators) for, it is coming this week and will last 2 weeks (like the 21st till early November). Don’t feel pressured to pull on the beginner banner right away, because it won’t expire.

You can play events once you complete chapter 1. Just make sure you beat stage 4 or 5 (depending on the event) because on most events there will be a free 5 star operator (on most events, things can always change). There isn’t one right now, like I said: It starts on like the 21st. Especially make sure you get the free operator in this event (beat stage 4 or 5) because it is the first and only FREE 6 STAR. (You joined at the right time, my friend.) You have 2 weeks, and you could easily do that this week.

Other than that: if in doubt save your resources, if your not sure about getting something, SAVE YOUR RESOURCES.

Good luck and have fun.

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Welcome aboard

This might help… or not

Keep learning & Stay curious


Thank you both…


Oh my, another FGO escapee :D

On annihilation:

GP guides are pretty good for the first three annihilations.

On the subject of raising ops: don’t spread yourself too thin. You need a variety of ops to use, true, but not all of them are useful for a newbie. Like, raising a summoner early in game would probably be a wrong move, since they have a playstyle you have to plan around carefully. Raising a debuffer at this stage will also bring little to you. Pushers/pullers mostly need their skills, not personal levels, and those are better be at L4, and raised to L7 when you can afford it. Usually, 1 pusher and 1 puller is enough, no need to raise all of them.

Also, Ange is a good operator, but a bit hard to utilize fully at earlier stages, since promoting her to Elite 2 (and getting her 3rd skill) brings out her true power. But you can still use her as a slower with S1 and an ST caster with S2 (mind, she won’t attack unless the skill is active if you equip her S2).

As for farming EXP/LMD - these stages really are pretty inefficient. They cost a lot of sanity and give little in return. The faster you build your base, the faster you’ll start getting these things passively from it. LMD hell is practically AK’s version of QP hell.

The best early farming spots are located in Chapter 4, so I’d say you need to focus on getting there, and 3* and 4* are enough to complete it. The coming event, Under Tides, requires 1-10 completed iirc.

Also, it’s better to keep clearing stages without supports, because then you can auto them if you’re going to farm them (1-7 is sort of the best location for farming rocks, and rocks are like bones or proofs: everyone needs them in one form or another). When Challenge Mode unlocks, you can use supports then, because Challenge Mode doesn’t require farming, you do it once and for all, unless you wanna try some stuff later.

Don’t hesitate to use practice plans, they are replenished every day with the game reset (4 am in-game time).

There are also low rarity clear guides if you ever feel stuck and can’t think of a strategy yourself.


This is good advice and you should be able to get there without E2ing anyone, so don’t raise any 5 stars you are unsure about at this stage unless their names are Ptilopsis or Lappland (+ Amiya, who you are forced to raise anyway).

I just looked over the beginner guides on the gamepress website and sadly they are so terribly outdated that looking over them is just going to be confusing for you.

You want a balance to your team which basically means that Angelina and Amiya are going to be your casters and arts damage and you have another 10 slots to fill - 2 vanguards (who you always drop first), 2 defenders, a guard or two, a sniper or two, 2 medics and whatever else floats your boat for the last slot or two. Try not to build more than 10-14 ops to begin with. You will continually get replacements through recruitment and the gacha that you prefer so it’s best not to waste resources.

If you realise you’re short something for a particular stage then Friend Support can help you get past it and prevent you from stalling out on any given stage.

Honestly though, joining the game this late, I would suggest that you reroll and the days to come are the perfect time to do it. - There will be a banner in a few days time that is literally the strongest 6 star banner we’ve seen in the game so far and along with it a free 10 pull, - If you don’t mind the hassle/morality of the reroll, take advantage and go with the 10 roll ticket until you get at least one of the powerful rate up 6 stars plus another 6 star.

That way, with the freebie from the beginner gacha rolls, you’ll start the game with 3 6 stars. It won’t really make much of a difference to your early game progress, but it will add valuable 6 stars to your roster that will become very important once you begin to transition into end game content.

Good luck and enjoy the game!


Mid game usually needs at least several E1 promoted operators preferably all the 3 stars and several 4 stars like Gitano, Courier, Meteor, Shaw, Perfumer, Rope, Cuora and Click if you have her

if you want to transition to late game you need to farm LMD and E2 promotion mats for 5 stars and 6 stars operators


OH, I ALMOST FORGOT. Don’t rush e2 Mrytle. She’s super important to e2 eventually, but I haven’t even yet :ak_lappdumb: The main problem is that you need to also upgrade her skill(s) in order for e2 to actually mean anything. You should get your first few e2 as DPS (although you can obviously do whoever you want). Your first e2 should be LTTERLY ANYONE. This is because you should rush one character to e2 at some point early on because you can get your support unit to be e2 instead of capped at e0/e1. The way I did it (and suggest you to do as well) is to use event store materials to get any character that using them upgraded to e2 (that way you only have to worry about xp and lmd).


Thanks to everyone who replied! :grinning: :grinning:

I wanted to ask if there’s a chance(or history) of the devs changing the drop rates for nodes? I am asking this to know if there is a need to get auto-deploy on nodes other than 1-7(for rocks and I already have it ready) and 1-12(for daily chalenges of enemy leader as 1-11 does not allow auto deploy) . If it is just about getting good at the game then I always make a point to try and 3-star without support keeping the support in reserve when I practice(I do it for almost all stages).

Thanks again for the advice! :yum:


Level up Amiya as she is a really usefull and good caster well into late game. Other than that find some characters you like and go for them. It is more fun to build your own team than to copy someone elses build.


Yeah, no. She gets a talent at E2 and makes every deployed vanguard passively recover 25HP per second before talent upgrade with potential. It may seem like a small thing, but it may mean a lot on difficult maps when you can’t spare a medic.

Don’t think so. Only making past events’ nodes, which became available permanently, way less efficient. They didn’t adjust rates for story nodes, I think. But sometimes you may get back to less efficient node when you need some small stuff. Like, we don’t have a guaranteed node for devices (T2 ones), and if you suddenly need one, well, shit)


The only time that HG nerfed drop rate are rerun event nodes and permanent event nodes which the latter are even lower than story nodes :fgo_shutensip:
E.g: Loxic kohl drop rate

About device T2, we finally have a guarantee node for it in chapter 9 after 2 years :ak_derptr:


Ah yeah, right, I read they did nerf rates for rerun events. Greedy bastards -_-

Yeah, because that’s when it reeeeeeally matters xD Not when you’re developing your whole bloody roster, but when you add finishing touches, suuuure. Sasuga, HG :fgo_gilles_averdi:


This thing happens to me quite a lot and i have half a year on the game, imagine how much this was of a pain in the early game.

the more you take advantage of them the better, in annhilation 1 i struggle a lot cause i didn’t see them on the top before see in a guide, same with other stages, and it still happens.

Now this is the things that i can advice and that i could have avoid before if i knew them:

Don’t waste your OP, If you can try to never use your OP in orundum or Sanity unless it’s completely necesary. Why you may ask? in the store when you level up a certain amount of levels you get a pack, the pack cost OP, but it gives you the exact amount of orundum that it’s conversion can give you and materials, the price goes up but it’s worthy so try not to use them on sanity (if you want skins though, use them as your own accord)

Use the recruitment tool whenever you see tomething weird in the recruitment, there is a lot of combinations that can secure a 4* some a 5* and even 6* stars, what i recommend if that you get as many copies of 4 stars as you can, always prioritize them over 3 stars.

Don’t waste gold certs, they can give you the oportunity of buying a 6* or a lot a of pulls, you can get those with the recruitment, gacha and the 3 first annhilation.

Prioritize upgrading your base, the base can fairly farm for you either exp or lmd, both too but it obviusly be at a more balanced amounth

when upgrading operators do 3 things, first upgrade your squad, if possible e1 max level, that will carry you to chapter 4 (not so easy thought) then the low rarity troops, since they unlock usefull abilties for the base and can work on some stages.

Like any gacha game, don’t pull like crazy, better try to plan in which charater you will roll

and enjoy the game a lot, whether you use guides or prefere breaking your brain trying to solve the stage.

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I wanted to ask when should I E1 units? I am almost done levelling all my units to cap of E0(probably a few more days of LS-3 + CE-3 farming)… I have cleared till 2-2 on the story… do I need to rush?


probably Shooter or Caster first
you dont need to rush much
every stage can fail one time
until it gone too hard for you
then you can E1
I not expert so I cant recommend anything
but if you want better drop rate
then you probably need to rush for e2
stage 6,7 and 8 of each event give the best rate


ASAP when you have resources to spare. 4*s and higher will have their second skills unlocked at E1 and talents upgraded. You can click at Promotion on the operator’s page, then on Details on the right, and you’ll see what they gain with promotion. Then choose what you need most and do it. Or get to the point when you absolutely don’t have enough firepower to deal with some node and promote them then.


Can’t believe no one’s mentioned this but get a bunch of friends and look at the friend list every day. If someone has a spinning circle thing above their “visit” button, you can tap on it and get 30 credits from them, up to 300 a day if you have 10 friends who are hosting. I don’t think I need to explain how OP that is, so fill out your list to the capacity!


It’s best if u raise 3* core operator first, as they can carry u until chapter 6. Spread ur resources to max 3* ops as they don’t need mats to promote e1. Some very important 3* u need to raise:
Vanguard : fang and vanilla
Guard : melantha and midnight
Medic : ansel
AA sniper : kross
Caster : steward
Defender : beagle and spot/cardigan
Slow supporter : orchid
They are best for their job until u have resources to raise 5/6* ops.

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I have E1 lv 20 my Fang and E1 melantha,kross,beagle… I also E1 my Amiya and plume… The others will be raised whenver I have LMB… Thank you for the advice…

Should I raise Orchid even if I have Angeline(my started 6-star)?

Also where can I find some comps for the upcoming event if someone even does something like that?

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