Need advice on Exalted Chrom build

This is my first time building up a unit and I was hoping to get some advice on some A skills and Seal options for a enemy phase oriented build. For my very first build, I don’t think it’s TOO bad but any advice and input on any improvements is appreciated!

I’ve been thinking of swapping Fury out for either a bond skill or a brazen skill but am open to any suggestions

Atk/Spd Bond Bond for the A skill and maybe Atk/Def Bond in the seal?

Or if the A skill is too expensive, then you could go with dual Atk/Def Bond.

Or, you could go with the Atk/Def Bond A skill and Spd/Res Bond seal (which we’ll get next TT iirc) for +10 to all stats with his weapon active.

Since I don’t have Atk/Spd Bond fodder, I may just use it as the seal and go with Atk/Def Bond as my A skill. Although I do like the idea of boosting all stats from Spd/Res bond as the seal. I just wonder if 32 Res will be enough to survive most oneshots

I think that Fury’s fine since it is on him by default, and it gives free stats without any HP or positional requirements. (It’s the best A-Skill for him, in my opinion.) If you are dead-set on changing, then I think that Brazen skills might be more preferred than Bond skills because Brazen would be less restrictive in terms of positioning while offering better in-combat buffs that synergize pretty well with his weapon. Any Brazen that boosts Atk would be a good choice, but I think that Brazen Atk/Spd might be best to help him double more consistently after buffs, then Brazen Atk/Def to maximize his physical bulk.

Something that I was made aware of (and that I tried on my own E!Chrom) was giving him Noontime if you plan on sticking to Fury. It helps increase his survivability by offsetting the Fury damage. Since he has so much attack–especially after Cavalry/Tactic buffs–and an effective weapon against the common Dragon units, I think he can get away with not running an offensive Special. The best thing about it, however, is that it doesn’t stop his Sealed Falchion’s effect because the recoil from Fury will always activate last, so he’ll always end combat with <100% HP even if he healed to full with Noontime before the recoil.

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Are you using him as a pure player phase unit? If so, why not go Brazen Atk/Def 3 in seal?

I have him geared more towards being an enemy phase physical tank since out of both the E!Chrom that I got had +Def IV’s but in all honesty, he could work as both a player phase unit or a enemy phase unit

Honestly never thought about that, using noontime to offset the recoil damage from Fury. The only buffs that I really have going for him apart from his own skills and whatnot, are the buffs that he gets from my PA!Azura which is also his support partner. I haven’t really planned a team out for him since that’s probably one of my weakest parts of this game so I don’t have any Cavalry or Tactic buffs on my current team but that is it’s own problem LOL

If you ever get Greil, boosting him up to Fury 4 is actually a great idea, as alot of people seem to underestimate the fact that Sealed Falchion loves the fact it keeps Chrom’s Health less than 100% even after a full Aether. Screenshot_20190319-225413_Fire%20Emblem%20Heroes