Need advice on what command codes to put on ushiwakamaru

I’m planning on what kind of cc’s to put on my grailed Ushi’s (specifically rider) in 2 years time, since she recently got a buff in jp that makes her a crit machine. i have a few in mind but i have no idea on what to focus on. cc’s like Da Vinci-chan (maybe on her buster card? duno) and Magus of flowers have caught my eye but i dont know if they’re really for her and if i should focus more on crit dmg. I’d love to hear suggestions on what to give her so i could at least get a clearer game plan on how to maximize her dmg potential

If you want her to be a more reliable crit attacker you should focus on Star Gain CCs like Aurora Borealis, Endowed Hero, Djinn’s Lamp or Cosmos Voyager License.

Djinn’s Lamp in specific has great synergy aith one of the best upcoming CEs being Honey Lake, when MLB it gives 40% extra damage vs Burned enemies, so if you are going fof it it is a great pairing for her and just aboutbanyone else too.

For the Crit damage route you want stuff like Heavenly Child of Kurama, Inexistant Phantasmal Horse, Gakio no Oofude and Majin-san are all great options.

On the utility side, Magus of Flowers gives her a flat 10% extra charge whenever she uses the card attached to it, which can complement its NP generation with the catch of having a 3 turn cooldown.


Hold on just second now:

She gets her boost in 1.5 year’s time.

Definitely slap a bunch of Glitters on her as fillers.

The Da Vinci CC is great since it suits Ushi well and there aren’t many other servants that you’ll want to give it to. Buster is ideal for it since it’ll boost your face cards if you lead with it.
The other option for the buster card is Mistress of the Heavens, but it’s a very general CC so you might want to use it on someone else.

A nice combo you can form is:
Djinn’s Lamp - For 2 guaranteed stars. Since it inflicts burn also, Ushi will be able to benefit from Honey Lake’s 35/40% damage boost.
Heavenly Emperor’s Consort Combos with Djinn’s Lamp. Otherwise definitely don’t use this.

For general picks:
Crit damage-
Heavenly Child of Kurama - Ushi’s dedicated crit damage CC.
Inexistant Phantasmal Horse - Same as above, but only for quick cards. Can’t go wrong with extra quick crit damage.

NP Gen -
Crest of Titan’s Pit - Great if you have a spare arts card to slot. Not a high priority CC though.
Magus of Flowers - It’s better than the above CC, but since it only helps Ushi reach a looping breakpoint on a couple brave chain types, and it’s not guaranteed you’ll even pull the slotted card for that chain, you might consider it more valuable on another servant.

Star Gen-
Holy Night’s Aurora Borealis - For 4 guaranteed stars.
Crest of Humanity - A straight upgrade of Glitter. Not as consistently reliable as Holy Night’s. but still useful.

Star Absorption-
The One that Carries Fortune - If you’re running a Double Skadi or Double Van Gogh system, this will be great for your quick cards.
Immature Illusionary Command Seal - If you’re running with a Castoria system for those cool loops, get this instead. It’ll screw up quick comps, but by the time Castoria is out you’ll have an easier time swapping them around for different comps.
Armament of Triumph - A nice temporary version of the above two CCs to equip to your cards while you wait. If you already have this CC, you’ll be able to get a second copy later, so don’t worry about using a copy wastefully.
Majin-san - Better version of Armament to put on the remaining quick/arts card.

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In 2 years you can equip and unequip CCs as you please so might as well just experiment instead of theorycrafting. But generally like everyone said flat star gen and gil are always good