Need advices on Servants

For the upcoming Fate/Apocrypha event, please roast me as much as you can for me to prepare for this event. Also question here, should I roll for any of the servants in the FA event?

Thanks in advance :sweat_smile:

You might want to check this thread out:

It is still a work in progress but you will find some tips.

This reply will be barebones but hopefully enough to eliminate the weakest Raids in a short amount of time.

Spartacus will be useful for the final part of the event but it will require raising his skills high.
Shakespeare has a handy 20% battery and a Buster buff so he is useful for some of the teams.
Helena is a long time investment but her battery/card buff will aid you until you get better support options.
Billy the Kid has a 30-50% battery so he will be useful for min-maxing farming until you get Chloe next year.
Medea/Circe has batteries that reach 100%

Avicebron and Paracelsus have batteries so they can help reduce the turns it takes for battles with weaker enemies.

Bedivere, Shakespeare, support Waver, Caesar might be your best bet for the Lancer/Berserker nodes.
Billy, Waver, Shakespeare, Atalante Alter might be enough for the Saber nodes.
Shiki, Waver, Shakespeare, Caster Gil might work for Rider node.
Circe, Shakespeare, support Merlin might be enough for the Assassins.

The Archer and Caster nodes will probably be hard as I don’t see many ST servants with Batteries.
Shakespeare, support Waver, Cu/Ushi/Atalante Alter, Mash/Helena might be the quickest but it requires some facecarding for the missing 10-20% gauge.

Achilles and Chiron are pretty good servants so there isn’t a dud on that banner.

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A person told me Sasageyo is all you needed.

So basically…

  1. Max Helena’s Mana Tuning and unlock her 3rd skill. (It doesn’t scale super well, but it’s still a decent 15-20% boost)

  2. Raise Shakespeare and bring Enchant as high as you can.

  3. Bedivere is a good unit and doesn’t require much investment on his skills. Make sure he has Attack fous.

  4. Max Shiki’s battery and then bring her Arts boost as high as you can.

  5. Okeanos Caster isn’t a bad budget support; bring her battery skill to Lv 5 and equip any extra copies of the event CE (or Black Grail/Heaven’s Feel/Aerial Drive/Limited Zero Over) to her.

Your standard strategy will be:

DPS + Charging Support (Shakespeare/Helena) + Friend Waver + Charging Support #2/Damage Support

So like, for the Lancer Raids, you can run

Bedivere @ At Trifas (event CE)
Okeanos Caster
Support Waver
Chaldea Combat Uniform (Plugsuit)

Go Bedi30 + Shakespeare20 and pop Enchant. Swap Shakespeare for Waver and being Bedi to 100. Okeanos Caster only needs to gain 80% from her battery. Pop her defense down skill, Plugsuit’s attack buff, and NP with her and then Bedivere.

(Bedivere’s NP damage scales well with overcharge, so we want to place his NP last.)

Finally—accept that you might not be able to 1-turn most of these raids. Lancers, Berserkers, and probably Riders will be manageable (assuming you max Shiki’s battery) but the other classes will give you trouble. That’s okay—you can always bump down to a less difficult setting.

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I forgot to mention it but if you are using a Buster damage dealing servant give your support servants the Ox-demon King CE to reduce the damage benchmarks.
If you haven’t already MLB it then that is a free 20% buff.

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