Need Agito Mats but don't wanna auto Masters? Do I have a story chapter for you!

With the recent story update for Dragalia Lost, Chapter 20’s 7-2 Level on Very Hard is now the prime candidate for grinding all Agito materials for all tiers except Legend! What’s more, thanks to some handy folks on Reddit there’s an easy comp that can be used for the fight! Been testing it myself and all it requires as far as high investment goes is

  • Grace (Someone everyone should have had if they played during Rage of Chronos)
  • An Agito Sword with all seven slots unlocked (recommended you go for the Shadow Sword, it’s the easiest to grind up between Kai Yan’s and Asura’s fights)
  • Spiraled Karina
  • Spiraled Xainfried (Flexible if unavailable)

It’s only currently worth doing if:

  • You don’t need to grind for Orichalcums (Or want to grind it later on stages like Master HDT or Master Trials)
  • The Chapter is on Half Stamina + Double Drops (Which is more common than Agito Half Stamina/Double Drops)
  • You want to Skip Ticket for a quick boost in mats (Something you can’t do on Agito maps)
  • You are in need of materials in general (In terms of Tier AND Element)

Otherwise, you may want to play the Agito you’re currently lacking in instead.
As for the builds themselves:


Dragon: Gala Reborn Poseidon/Siren
Summer Paladyns (40% Skill Damage)
Kung-Fu Masters (14% Crit Rate)
Felyne Hospitality/Super Soaking Androids (15% Crit Damage Doublebuff)
His Clever Brother (25% Frostbitten Punisher)
Sisters of the Anvil/First-Rate Hospitality (10% Str Doublebuff)
Shared Skills:
Summer Cleo/Overdamage/Patia

Templar Hope

Dragon: Ariel/Freyja
A Dog’s Day (Skill Haste 10%)
Proper Maintenance (Buff Skill Time +20%)
Jewels of the Sun (Skill Haste 8%, to top it off to 15%) OR Astounding Trick if you lack a Sword w/ 7 Print Slots
The Dragon’s Nest (Shapeshift Prep 10%)
Odd Sparrows (Healing Doublebuff III)
Savage Hawk: Lance (Sword’s Psalm)
Mask of Determination: Bow (Sword’s Psalm)

Xainfried (FLEX$)

Dragon: Geibdhe & Creidhe
Dragon and Tamer (Skill Damage 40%)
Brothers in Arms (Strength Doublebuff 13%)
Felyne Hospitality/Super Soaking Androids (Crit Damage Doublebuff 15%)
His Clever Brother (Frostbitten Punisher 25%)
Odd Sparrows (Healing Doublebuff III)

$ - If you wish to use another unit, I highly recommend picking a Light DPS with Poison Res as extra insurance vs Tartarus. Give them the appropriate prints for Skill Damage and make them your lead instead of Karina. Special mention goes to Julietta and Ryszarda.


Dragon: Azazel/Nidhogg
Study Rabbits (HP 8%)
Two of the following: Chocolatiers, A Slice of Dragonyule, Gentle Winds (100% Skill Prep total)
Odd Sparrows (Healing Doublebuff III)
Dragon’s Den (Shapeshift Prep 10%)
Promised Piety: Staff (Bow’s Psalm)
Beneath the Boughs: Staff

Happy Hunting! And Safe Grinding!

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