Need an advice please

First of all. Is there a caster i should aim, considering i already have Skyfire and Ifrit, or in your opinion i’m already set?

Then, do you think Bagpipe is worth it,considering i already have Siege and Texas as vanguards?

Ifrit is super but her range isn’t the best for a lot of maps, and skyfire is decent, but most importantly they’re both aoe casters. If you’re only talking about aoe casters then, yeah you’re pretty good, Mostima is better than skyfire but she’s also rarer, skyfire will work just fine most cases and ifrit slaughters everything if you can use her. If you’re talking all casters, then single target casters are more generally used so it’s very recommended to build a good one. Eyja if you can get her, Amiya if you can’t .

Bagpipe is considered to be an amazing vanguard, lots of people are saving specifically to pull for her when she comes out. Plus she’s dps on kill like plume or vigna so she’s not the same as Siege and Texas. If all the people on reddit and youtube hyping her up are to be believed, then Bagpipe is definitely worth getting.

As far as casters go it looks like you’re set on AoE but need a ST caster. Eyja’s the best there is in that regard, and Amiya is surprisingly good considering we start the game with her - she’s just overshadowed by Eyja.

Bagpipe is a DP-on-kill vanguard so she’s too different from DP skill vanguards like Siege and Texas to really say one over the other. The main reasons people are crazy for her are that she 1: does a significant amount of damage and 2: has an E2 talent that boosts how much DP the other vanguards start with just by having her in the party. This pairs up very well with your DP generators as that essential first DP generation will come six seconds faster for each, letting you rip out your starting line faster.

Thank you!

Mmm… somehow i think that i do not really need bagpipe, i dont care about a fast start.
With the current operators we have, we already can do some fast start mechanics.

I’m not a perfectionist, i do not seek the best, i seek what i like. So, to me not having Bagpipe is acceptable.

Ok, i need to seriously target Ejya and Ceobe maybe

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Ceobe is good but she isn’t as great as eyja.

But ceobe is really effective against enemies with high defense and surpasses eyjia in that category since ceobe’s talent deals extra art damage to enemies with higher defense, so its pretty good, but eyja in a sense just melts enemies, her high dps is ouststanding and more useful in most cases.

Fast start makes or breaks a run, also allows you to plop high cost ops like ifrit stupidly fast. Personally I want bagpipe so I can do a very fast Warfarin + blaze start and instantly secure a lane, in that sense, bagpipe is the top meta.

But actually it doesn’t make that much of a difference if you have another way to produce fast DP and don’t mind the usual Myrtle + Texas DP engine.