Need friend

Hello everyone, I’m new to Fgo, my team only has Heracles so I would like to ask for some friends especially those who have merlin Thanks (Im not from English so sorry if i typed something wrong) :yum:

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I would recommend posting your friend request in this thread: FGO Friend/Support List Megathread

I cant find the place to post it

Just post a reply on the thread that I linked with your friend code. You’ll probably get more responses that way.
In the mean time, while I don’t have the best support roster, here’s my friend code: 730,358,654 In game name is Rikku.

Ok thanks

I just sent my friend request ign is Orange.

The mega thread is full iirc XD who wants to make a new one? :o

Gimmie a sec


Don’t worry about it, the thread automatically closed when it reached the post limit.

If it still interested you, I made a place holder FC thread for the time being

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hello it’s been a while. This morning I don’t know why but your name disappeared from my list so I sent a friend request back please accept your team has helped me a lot.Without them i wouldnt have passed Camelot .Thank you very much Ign is Orange in case you forget :smiley:

Ah. Sorry. I’d gone through my friends list to clean it up a bit, and hadn’t realized that was you.

I’d recommend updating your support roster and attaching CEs to them. Trust me, this is important.

Once you’ve gotten far enough through the game, it’s expected for you to have your support list updated. In fact, it’s rather discourteous not to.

Just from looking at your Mash, I can tell you’ve gotten through Camelot. By this point, you should have at least every slot filled with a Servant that’s at least moderately (stick Mash in Extra if you don’t have any others, and someone else in all) with some attempt to raise the skill levels. If you do that, you’re more likely to have people accept friend requests and less likely for them to unfriend you for not putting any effort into your support roster.

Edit: Also, split your event and normal rosters.

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Ok thank for your advice I am still new so i have a lot to learn

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