Need Friends with MLB Scholar of Chaldea CE on Drake

Hi everyone, like the title says I’m looking for friends who have the MLB SoC CE on their Drake. At least her 3rd skill at level 10 with NP2+ being preferred, but otherwise the rest isn’t a big problem.

Here’s my support list (with fc aw the title) if you need anything Thanks

I have Drake NP1 third skill level 10, and while it’ll slightly hurt my manuscript farming unless I get a drop I could MLB the Scholars of Chaldea CE for her. The only other dilemma being Quetz is currently on my rider slot with the gold drop CE since the optimal gold location isn’t unlocked yet. However, I can probably switch Melt off the ALL slot to put Drake there if you want. I’ll just do some quick farming to grab more copies of Scholars of Chaldea from the shop first, and if nobody else comes along with an offer then I’ll set that up for you if you’re fine with my Drake’s NP level.

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I’ll take that heart as a yes, I’ve got Drake set up and I’ve sent you the request. In-game name is the same as here.


If you still need one, i can add you.