Need guidance to strengthen team, please assist!

Hi, Key players in my team are SS Vegita Green and Zenkai awakened Trunks. I need firstly help with Equipments. How do I know which equipments are best for my key players. Then I need to know how to further strengthen my team ? I need to know how to get those powers in my players, basis which in PvP our competitors can contonously hit me, by blocking my selection of cards & thereby win easily without me striking a single punch ??? Hows that possible ?!
Please also suggest what should be my ideal CORE team going forward.??

1)Hey the best team you could run is a Godki/Future team

With the 6th slot being Either SP Mai,SP God Goku or God Shallot for health Support!
This will give you the best Z-ability Bonus for the characters you possess.

  1. Equipments are Future and Godki Equipments

3)You can obtain additional Z Power via grinding CO-OP, Daily Missions, Guilds and PVP Coin Rewards.

4)If you read Gamepress Team Tier List on Godki/ Future will give you a more in-depth guide of strengths and weakness of you team and Specific Fighters…Outlines Best Specific Equipments for each Fighter.

Thanks for the guidance, it really helps. I have over 200 + characters ans wanted to share snapshots of other characters as well. To help you get complete picture before suggesting. Let me try attaching more snapshots…pls do let me know if I should still stick with God Ki/Future collaboration or have something better as an option as well…

I will provide further suggestions with more information but I still think Future/ Godki would be you strongest team.

If you want to improve in more competitive PVP play check these out.

Hi, thanks for the videos. I never knew such techniques existed and sure it will take me a while to master them. Thanks again. You guys being the experts looking for more help to rank myself up the PvP…I am sitting at 80K now with 45 levels cleared…pls do let me know what extra info. you need from me to help me strengthen my team. Meantime, will try to upskill myself with newly known techniques. Hope to hear back from u soon…See ya…

The Future team shown above as mentioned earlier is your most well developed and Top Tier Team.

A Second Option would be Godki Team.

This is also a Top Tier Team, God Shallot is a powerful all-round fighter if you can grind out all the story missions.
(The God Yel Vegeta and God Goku are not core only for Support, do not develop or Use in Battle)

A Word of Caution Using Farmable Z-Power.
Grindable Z -Power is the most Valuable asset in the game, even over Chrono Crystals.
With that said you should be very cautious on the Fighters your develop. Focusing on one fighter or team is usually a better option than diversifying many teams.

Z Ability Bonuses
Z Ability Bonuses strengthen your team collectively. Certain Characters will provide a double bonus at 6 stars. Notable Characters for your Z Ability Boosts are Zamasu and Goku Black.
(LF Vegeta, Yel Vegeta Provide these boosts Already)

Hopefully this information helps, having an end goal approach in developing 1 to 2 teams will create you a stronger team and save you slot of wasted Crystals and Z-Power Chasing fighters and banners that do not strengthen your team.

Thanks again for all the help and guidance. Will keep these in mind while chasing banners :slight_smile: