Need help, about Ishtar Rider copy

Hy guys, i already have Ishtar copies from previous event. So how to make my new Ishtar to change to rare prism? I was tried to burn her but i didn’t got rare prism for 6th copies and more…

Someone can tell me?

From what I heard, we do not get rare prisms from welfare servants until the Christmas Rerun.

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Cause you can’t get rare prism from welfare servant as of now.

So, my copies just being a mana prism???

Technically, you won’t get RPs from welfare servants ever. What will happen in the future, starting with I think this Christmas’s Santa Altera rerun, is that you will be given RPs instead of your 6th or greater copy of a welfare servant. So you don’t ever explicitly burn them to get RP (which also precludes burning your first copy of a welfare for RP).

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So, you get the RP plus the extra copy of the servant as well? I had thought you only got the RP, but I guess in some cases holding on to a L1 of a servant could have its uses (and you can burn them for a handful of MP otherwise).

That’s right. The RPs just come automatically in the mail the moment you get that extra copy much like USOs do when you go beyond NP5 for an SSR.

OK thanks. I knew they came automatically, but I didn’t know you still got the servant copy. For that matter, when you get a USO for an SSR, you also get a copy of the servant there as well?

Yes, you get a USO in addition to the additional SSR copy. Otherwise you could never NP5 an SSR you had burned a copy of in the past.

Thanks. Never would have found this out myself, as the odds I will ever have an NP5 SSR are slim to none. Just recently got my first SSR to NP2–Waver who spooked me on while rolling for Skadi.

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