Need help/advice for preparation of Lostbelt

As lostbelt is coming out at the end of April and thanks to my somewhat limited rooster I am getting nervous about not being able to clear it and when I use command spells I get this weird feeling that I am cheating so pls tell me if it is enough and if not then pls give advice. My Luck Rank is C-

I am unable to level kintoki Rider as I started playing during the onigashima event and had no idea so he will probably stay like that forever :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Lostbelt 1 isn’t really hard, I cleared it on JP with a smaller roster. Just keep building your servants.

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Is there anything that I can do about kintoki he is really good??:sob::sob::sob:

No, not in NA at least. But you have Rider Alter, she’s a great replacement for Kintoki.


Cheating implies you’re doing something you aren’t supposed to. The Command Seals are part of the game’s system so they’re meant to be used as a final clutch when all else fails.

As for preparations you should level your Hans since I notice you lack support-type Servants. He’s only a 2 star but I find that his support capabilities are well above his level of rarity.


Yeah, Command Seals are a powerful, limited resource to use in emergencies, kinda like in F/SN. Was it"cheating" for Shirou to summon Saber as he fell out of a three-story window? He’d have to be stupid not to.

NOT using your command seals is squandering a valuable resource, which makes no rational sense. They are there to be used, so use them.


There are two types of mistakes one can make with command spells: 1) using them when you don’t need them and 2) not using them when you do need them

That said these two mistakes are not of the same magnitude. Mistake 2 is a much worse mistake. You don’t use CS when you need them it pretty much means game over. On the other hand using them when not needed usually just means less wiggle room for error.

Further, even if you used the CS and didn’t need them you still get their benefit. But not using them is the same as not having them.

So don’t fall into the trap of not using CS.


You can always use the Thano’s Technique too. (Exiting the game before the turn’s end and reloading it to make a new set of moves and very likely change enemy actions.)


Well, just level up your servants and done. That’s the only thing you can do.

This one. This is real cheating. It has saved me so many fights; usually to eat a single target NP or stray crits. Swapping out using the plugsuit is non-RNG (assuming do nothing else) so one is guaranteed the position of the servant to be hit.