Need help building a team of any kind since i dont know how to

Here are all my characters (more in replies)


  1. SP SuperSaiyanGodSSVegeta(Green)
  2. SP SuperSaiyanRoseGokuBlack(Red)
  3. SP SuperSaiyanGodSSGoku(Blue)


  1. SP SuperSaiyanGodSSVegeta(Purple) *Can also be used in the core
  2. EX Whis(Red)
  3. SP SuperSaiyanGoku(Red)

Thanks, don’t mean to seem ungrateful but you do you have a team with super vegito in it?

No problem. Im gonna be honest with you tho. I dont think I can make a team for you with super vegito in it with the units you currently have. I probably could have if your SP vegito(red) was upgraded to at least 6 stars