Need help building sp team

If possible to build a good or decent team & some advice i could get for teams. Thank youu

& these

Wow. Very good box here.

You could make many good and viable teams with these characters. Try to have them include Super Vegito or LF Gohan. In the case where u run with Super Vegito, try to have a red unit as well (F2p Vegito works nicely), and if ur using LF Gohan, try to have either a goku or Gohan in the team.

Team options you could make are fusion/saiyan split, Saiyans, Super saiyans, future. You could also make a decent regen team since u have buuhan and zamasu.
-Just try to make use of ur Super Vegito/Goten. PUR Broly is also a nice mix.

Now what Iā€™D make is a team of:
-Super Vegito
-Base vegito
-Red Gogeta
-EX Raddits
-SP Red goku
-EX Goku

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Thanks for the help ill try to make good teams out of it!