Need help building team (lots of SP characters dont know where to start)

I need help building a team. I’ve played on and off for a while but never could quite grasp making the perfect team synergy here are the SPs I have:

Vegito (red) 7*
Vegeta (purple) 6*
Pan (blue) 6*
Gotenks (yellow) 6*
Goku SSGSS (blue) 6*
Gohan young (yellow) 5*
Goku spirit bomb pose? (blue) 5*
Goku SS (red) 5*
Paikuhan (yellow) 5*
Trunks SS (red) 5*
Turles (purple) 5*
Goku SS (yellow) 5*
Krillin (blue) 5*
Android 17 (purple) 5*
Android 18 (yellow) 5*
Goku SS (blue) 5*
Broly (Blue) 5*
Frieza 1st form (blue) 5*
picocolo fused w/kami (blue) 5*
Cooler (green) 5*
Goku SS (green) 5*
Buu fat form (green) 5*
hercule (red) 5*
young trunks ss (yellow) 5*
Dabura (blue) 5 *
Super Gogeta (red) 5*
Super Janemba (purple) 5*
Bardock SS (blue) 5*
Boujack (yellow) 5*
Ultimate Gohan (green) 5*
Broly (green) 5*
UGA Buu Super (green) 5*
SSGSS Vegeta (purple) 5*
Hit (yellow) 5*
transforming Vegeta (blue) 5*
Piccolo (green) 4*
Captain Ginyu (green) 4*
Vegeta SS (yellow) 4*
Super Vegeta (yellow) 4*
Android 16 (green) 4*
Super Trunks (green) 4*
SS2 Gohan from cell saga (purple) 4*
SS3 Goku (purple) 4*
Goten SS (green) 4*
Gotenks SS (purple) 4*
transforming Trunks (blue) 4*
Hyper Meta-Rilldo (red) 4*
transforming angry goku (blue) 4*
transforming future gohan (green) 4*
vegeta ss (red) 3*
cabba ss (green) 3*
demon king piccolo (yellow) 3*
perfect form cell (red) 3*
broly (red) 3*
goku (purple) 3*
young nappa (purple) 3*
SS3 goku (red) 3*
SS Goku (yellow) 3*
piccolo fused with kami (yellow) 3*
full power frieza (yellow) 3*
kid buu (red) 3*
ss gohan (yellow) 3*
ss3 goku (green) 3*
full power boujack (purple) 3*
transforming cooler (purple) 3*
frieza final form (yellow) 2*
Mai (green) 2*
SS gohan future (yellow) 2*
SS Kale (berserk) (red) 2*
Majin Vegeta (red) 2*
SSG Goku (red) 2*
Final Form Cooler (blue) 2*
Ribrianne (blue) 2*
Perfect Cell (yellow) 2*
SS Goten (purple) 2*
SS Gohan (teen) (blue) 2*
Metal Cooler (red) 2*
Golden Frieza (green) 2*
Super Vegito (pruple) 2*
transforming trunks (purple) 2*
Android 13 (blue) 2*
Android 15 (purple) 2*
SSGSS transforming goku (yellow) 2*
transforming final form frieza (red) 2*

they’re all lvl 3000 and all fully soul boosted with the exception of broly (red) and piccolo fused with kami (yellow). please help i think i can go a few different directions but my normal go to is putting the highest power level of each color in a team and i know that isnt the most efficient route.

You can go for a lot of teams, but one of the strongest may be a Saiyan Team with:
Core: Super Vegito, (Green) SS3 Goku and Transforming Goku (Blue)
Bench: Pretty much any saiyan buffer.

Another team would be Lineage of Evil:
Core: Full Power Frieza, (Red) Transforming Frieza and (Purple) Transforming Cooler
Bench: Final Form Cooler, Metal Cooler and Golden Frieza

Son Family:
Core: Transforming Goku (Blue), (Purple) Goten SS and (Green) SS3 Goku
Bench: (Yellow) SS Goku, (Blue) Pan and Ultimate Gohan.

Again, you can go for a lot of teams there bud but you can check the “Team Guide” on gamepress for some help.

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thank you that’s all very helpful!

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