Need help building team

I have a couple of the best characters in the game (SS Vegito), but I suck at building a team around characters like that, so I would love some help or any tips. Thank you!

Only can post 1 picture per post so I’ll post my other 2 screenshots as well in different posts.

Core: SS Vegito (purple), Vegito (red) and GT SS (yellow)
Bench: SS Gotenks (purple), SS3 Goku (purple) and Super Vegeta (yellow). Alternate bench you could swap out Super Vegeta for Raditz ex (blue). It’s a more defensive option.

Your best core option is a sort of Fusion Warrior/Super Saiyan team to take advantage of your Super Vegito. You don’t have any of the bench so it’s sort of a Super Saiyan/Saiyan bench. SS Broly is a stronger unit than GT SS Vegeta, but it’s better to have color diversity and GT Vegeta is still a strong unit with good debuffs. Team is a little awkward, but I think it should still function pretty well.