Need help catching up with the story

Sorry to say I haven’t really had too much time catching up with the main story; massive workload at my job and all that over the past few months. since it started sometime in the holidays last year, the gap is between the segments after the Salem Singularity to the start of the Russian one. Would anyone mind filling me in on the big points please?

Actually you don’t need to clear EoR to start on Part 2. So if you want to you could just skip Salem completely and start on “the Russian one”, then come back to Salem after that. It’s gonna be a few more months until the next Lostbelt anyway.

Since he said “after” Salem, I think he means the lostbelt prologue.

Yeah, that’s what I meant.


Prologue - Magic Association come along with Gondolf, Tamamo Vitch and Kirei. All servants return to Throne except for Vinci and Holmes.

MC, Mash and Chaldean got lock up and interrogated for days. Vitch being a Bitch.

Anastasia and Opechilik attack Chaldean. Vitch betray Gondolf. Mash, Vinci and MC fought Ana but run away. Vinci tell about escape vehicle. Ask MC to gather with all survivors including Gondolf. Kirei show up and Kill :hocho: Vinci. Holmes lead everyone to escape. Mini Vinci appear as Vinci clone and manage Shadow Border. Shadow border jump to imaginary space and stay there till Russia LB

Soooo how did da Vinci turn into a loli?

It’s a clone. A.k.a Homunculus. She cannot stay far from SB since her function is limited

So the da Vinci we actually knew is dead? Damn.

it’s a bit fuzzy since she’s a spirit origin backup of the normal one with all memories. effectively she’s weaker, but everything else is the same. trying to Ship of Theseus it is a level of minutia I’m sure we’ll never get cleared up.

So then she IS the same da Vinci, just having her mind and memories transferred to a homunculus?

  • Gordolf, his secretary (Koyanskaya) and Kotomine arrive at Chaldea to take control of the place.
  • Koyanskaya and Kotomine betray everyone, a lot of russian soldiers called Oprichniki appear.
  • Da Vinci gets killed by Kotomine
  • Goredolf joins MC and Co to escape from the place using a vehicle called The Shadow Border
  • A guy named Wodime announces the start of a war between 7 Chosen Ones (Cripters)
  • Their objective is to bring back the Age of The Gods and the winner shapes the world how the see fit.
  • The Shadow Border can jump into “Void Space” and Da Vinci had a backup body that looks younger.
  • They Jump into Void Space to avoid pursuit.

That’s pretty much it.

Ah, very straightforward to the point. I really appreciate that.

Watch the Lostroom Prologue anime episode for more little details, then read the Lostbelt Prologue ingame.

Some other details in addition to the above are
The Mage Assoc. team want to revive Team A as some of them are important Clock Tower people. We’ve been keeping them in stasis the whole time since the beginning of the game.
Da Vinci tells you about them a bit, including that Wodime is the leader of Team A, Kadoc seems like a nice guy, some foreshadowing, but overall glowing reviews.
Goredolf has a bunch of mercenaries with him, and they basically take over the place.
When they’re about to rivive Team A, they get attacked by another force that takes over Chaldea.
A Caster is freezing the hallways solid, including Chaldeas, to like -100 degrees.
The enemy forces are called the Oprichniki.
There’s also a crazy blue alien walking around the halls, but nobody mentions it.

Also worth noting that the Crypters are Mash’s fellow Team A Members.

Through the hopes and dreams of the Fate fanbase.


Unfortunately no, she’s not the same. It’s more correct to say that she has the memories and experiences of our Da Vinci but she’s still technically a different servant, that’s why she’s trying her best to keep up with her old self.

So you’re free to hate Kirei all you want for killing her.


Meh, it’s pretty far down the list of reasons to hate Kirei.

I just can’t hate Kirei, man. He’s too awesome.

He can kill Mash just like he did with Kiritsugu’s waifu and i would still like to see him on screen.


I mean, that’s true, he is a great villain and really fun to have onscreen.

He’s not like Shinji, who is just abhorrent and insufferable at all times.

Well, the Shinji punch moment is always nice to see. Cu Chulainn did a good job.

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