Need help choosing extra class support

I know that extra class servants are niche and isn’t picked much but can you guys help me?
Checked my friend list and its mostly CCC servants and waifus, I used to put jeanne to extra but feels like stalling isnt as good as its used to be.

I would be most inclined to pick BB from this list for support, since can’t be bothered skill upgrading mine.
Alternatively, the white haired guy (forgot the name) close to Nerofest.

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My personal advice would be to showcase whoever you like the most. Servants in support slots that aren’t Casters rarely get picked up as supports and are there mostly for show, and for the occasional player who wants to try out a servant they don’t have. At least that has been my experience, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

If you still insist in putting up the most useful out of your batch, I’d say go with Amakusa or BB. If not showcase that awesome lvl 100 Martha!


If I was choosing one of those to take for my support, I’d choose Martha, hands down.


In your case, the level 100 Martha, no contest. Always feature your grailed favorites!

If not for that, I’d probably suggest Jeanne, since she’s awesome for newbs, and they’re the only ones likely to look in Extra, anyway.


I vote for the handsome prist if you want a change, i’m totally not biased , but otherwise i would leave Martha, but i would be surprise that you didn’t have her in the all slot

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I feature NP2 Hokusai. <3

Everyone should see just how beautiful she is.

This is my usual lineup. Might swap Drake for Ozy, now that I finally have her.

Ruler Martha is a good choice for daily fun, but please swap in BB for events.

If I had my wish… That still leaves no place for Archuria :frowning: but Helena Archer is more rare. Same with Raikou Lancer. Kiyohime was far too evasive to not feature her.

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I personally would pick Jeanne but only for difficult quests. I mainly pick berserkers supports or servants with obvious class advantage (saber support when opponent tendency is lancer, etc)


Ruler Martha sits in ALL with all her glory. Is it better to give him golden sumo since he already has buster buff or something supporty like prisma/2030?

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Totally this. Only time I borrow an extra to use front line it’s Jeanne for CQ’s

BB being the only option against avenger bosses, I would lean towards her, but I’m one of the borrowers, so I’m kind of biased (I think I have access to only two BBs at the moment, but maybe all of my 70 friends just hate her XD)

BB for sure. It is sometimes very hard to find a BB whereas if I want an Avenger I probably want Jeanne Alter. There is no real use for Ruler class when it comes to support since they don’t really have a useful class advantage and a buffer is almost always a better option to take. Jeanne normal is sometimes useful for her invincibility NP but so many recent bosses ignore invincibility that Jeanne’s useful is coming to an end unless they give her an interlude that allows her NP to ignore invincibility ignoring skills.

Abigail and Hokusai both have their uses against Bezerkers so I’d consider putting those up if you have them.

You talk like her NP hadn’t have also Def debuff remuval and HP regen, she is good but not a super popular pick because is weard to need defensive units. The Rulers are strongly specialised units, they are resistent and powerful in they Jobs, Jeanne is good defending, Amakusa is good killing things dead, Holmes is good killing things dead but with crit instead then with a NP, Martha hit hard, mothman is inmortal, etc…

But when people are picking support they are usually picking them to counter a specific servant class or CQ. The rulers don’t really counter anything specific and aren’t really great units in their own right that they can be used to solo the CQ for you because all your own units aren’t up to the task.

The OPer’s question isn’t “are rulers good”, it is “which unit will most people want to take as support”.

So we have to start out by deciding what the criteria is that people use when choosing a support.

Jeanne is am amazing solo unit, she has extreme durability plus self healing. She is entirely capable of soloing much of part 1.

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Those 999 turns were totally worthy


Heh, I never said she was a fast soloer…


Depends, some times the people just want the power of the units to help their team, the class advantage isn’t necesary for them to be useful for the team.

…you haven’t see all those solos with all the Rulers right? Literaly all of them can solo some quest, of course they aren’t as good doing it like servants like Cu or Herc but they aren’t bad for the in any way, specialy mothman, he is the experiense of soling with Jeanne but with good NP gen :fgo_kiyo:

All depends in the person and the moment, usually the extra class servants usually aren’t the thing that the people first seach for in the support list (unless they need a Foreigner)

Slow but safe is better then fast and with higher chances of failing :fgo_goodciv:

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As for Ruler soloing, I’ll just leave this here…

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