Need Help Deciding Grail Project

I’ve only done one grail merge project - male Kana. It’s one of the easier ones because his battle was rerun not only once, but twice, which was really convenient for me. I haven’t spent any grails in a while, though, so I think it might be time to do another one, even if it costs more grails in total than Kana. I have a few options in mind and don’t know which to focus on. For further reference, my non-grail 5 star +10 units are: Laslow, Soleil, female Corrin, Clair, and Titania. For my next non-grail merge project, I’m eyeing Silvia, who is currently +2.

Flame Emperor

  • planning to merge at least to +1
  • grail cost: 2200 grails (only 1750 if I wait for the GHB rerun)
    This is the best option if I want to score high in coliseum modes, but I don’t care about that stuff here. I just want to raise and build characters I enjoy. FE arrives in just a few days and think they’re pretty cool. I have rare skill fodder (including Vengeful and Bold Fighter) on hand that I’m interested in giving them. If I want to do that, then I may as well +10 them, right? I prefer to inherit rare fodder onto units I really enjoy. But FE is the newest grand hero, which means I have to wait a couple of months for them to be added to the grail shop; and then, will it be worth it to obtain eight more copies? Or just seven, leaving room for the eventual GHB rerun several months later, possibly leaving me with a +9 FE for a while?


  • currently +2 (and have the rerun copy to raise to +3)
  • grail cost: 1750
    When she first came out, I raised her to +2 because I liked the stat boosts she gained from it. Her battle recently reran, and I’ve not foddered off the copy obtained from the rerun quests, so she would be completed the soonest. I also just completed Clair, though, so there’s not much Cynthia has to offer as a unit in comparison. Although, unit type competition didn’t stop me from merging Kana after I had already +10’d his mama. Oh, I like Cynthia, but if her mother Sumia wasn’t 5 star locked, I’d +10 her instead. Maybe her daughter being f2p is the next best thing; besides, the child units in Awakening were way more powerful than their parents. I just used my divine codes to obtain a Grima merge, so I have a summer Cordelia manual now - how does Cynthia with the Shell Lance sound?


  • currently +1
  • grail cost: 2700
    This is one I actually want to do. I LOVE using Ethlyn, compared to FE who isn’t even out yet and Cynthia who I haven’t used as much as I’d like since she came out. I have brave Veronica and Camillla and Halloween Mia and yet Ethlyn is still my most used healer. I haven’t even played FE4, but Heroes has made me VERY attached to her. She has a nice stat spread for a healer - not too strong, but fast and with defense not made of paper. I even fed her my Genny for Wrathful Staff because I wasn’t enjoying using Genny despite her appeal of having high atk for a healer. Ethlyn has such a kind personality, too; she just makes me happy. She seems like the best choice here, but there is one problem. She’s a tempest reward, which means less free merges, and more grails to spend. SO many grails to spend. I know any merge project requires patience, but damn. I only have about 700 grails right now, so that’s 2000 more to go! I’m not sure I can handle such a long wait…

Ultimately, the choice comes down to character love vs. resources, and I’m not sure which is better here. Whatever project I decide to do, how should I come about using my grails? For Kana, I waited until I had all the grails for his six remaining copies. Is it better and/or less stressful to instead summon as many copies as I can with the grails I have at the moment, and then wait to summon another copy when I have enough grails? To anyone with grail merge projects, I’d like to know how you’ve handled obtaining the merge copies and what makes you prioritize certain projects over others.


Since you already have Clair & Cynthia isn’t your favorite, I wouldn’t pick her :thinking:
Flame Emperor is the option that will cost less Grails in the very very long term, but that’s not for a long while. So if you don’t like seeing +9 units, that might be a problem :thinking:
They do score higher in Arena, but it seems you don’t care about that.
If you really like Ethlyn and plan to use her much more than a potential Flame Emperor project, then putting the Grails into her is definitely not a bad idea :feh_birbpeek:


Cynthia just feels very hard to recommend. There just isn’t anything she can do that another lance flier can’t do better. If you care about modes like arena then maybe consider Flame Emperor. If not, and if you really like Ethlyn that much then I don’t see why not.


Go Kronya if you cc and ss 3 foddler

Flame Emperor = Easy AR score


Or Itsuki, if you want a mixed tank

True… how much of a difference is his scoring thinks to him having a Prf over FE with a refined weapon


Like 5 bst and idk how arena scores, study impact?
Actually 2 difference because of the +3 def

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None build Marianne look alike instead

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watch Marianna be a grand hero/tempest hero


The only reason I haven’t got my Marianne look alike past +3 and feathers

But that would be very sad times. Luckily she’s probably popular enough, she’s 3rd for females for CYL that aren’t in the game yet

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Of all 3H characters I want Shamir better not be a grand hero or its sad Byleth hours

Purely based on gameplay I can only really recommend Flame Emperor of these three :feh_legion:

But build whoever you like :feh_catria:

Ethlyn, merge the mother of good boi Leif!

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Hmmmm. I think Shamir feels a lot like a GHB unit however, she is popular so it could go either way

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Looks like you’re screaming you want your Ethlyn. Make her the bestest healer no one ever saw.
But consider building Aversa, she’s just too stupidly good to just ignore her

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