Need help deciding who to E2 first

Still relatively new to the game but I think I’ve reached a point where I can safely get 1 or 2 operators to E2 but I’m having trouble deciding which one(s) so I decided to ask for more experienced players opinions.
Who would you choose?


  • Ch’en the Holungday
  • Exusiai
  • Blue Poison

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  • SilverAsh
  • Thorns
  • Specter

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Ch’en to handle elites and bosses, thorns for consistent lane holding.
Ch’en should be priority e2 given how broken her s3 is, then between thorns and silverash it’s a coin toss but I’d say thorns because ch’en should already be handling the tougher enemies you’d want to use TSS on and thorns is a massive qol improvement for general gameplay.
Silverash should be the next e2 after both though.

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I don’t know why but it seems like two threads with the same question ended up being posted, and when I try deleting one, both of them get deleted.

If I was a new player, I would find that Exu would see more viable play due to her effectiveness, low dp cost, and easier manipulation compared to Ch’en. Ch’en is amazing, but I don’t see her as a priority especially for a new player who needs to be frugal on their resources.

For the guards, Thorns and SA are amazing, Thorns can really give that nice QOL lane holding that is needed, but if you’re good on that regard, then you can go for SA for that nice burst.

I am someone without a Exia and have levelled my Chelter to max(don’t do it!!)… And I think that she is very useful if you are willing to put in the effort of learning to place her and time her skills(have to do it in the future if you want to clear any of the god tier content without pulling out your hair)… Lower rarity snipers like Kroos and Meteor are going to be sufficent for most stages even without any E2 same for Exia… She doesn’t really need E2 to shine fully and it is pretty cheap to just level her to E1 80 and leave her there while you raise others that are more dependent on E2 to shine like Chelter…

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All 3 are good snipers. You can put exusai anywhere and get decent dps from her.
Chelter requires more thinking and depending on map she can be insane.
E2 m6 Blue poison is a beast too.

Exu > blue > chelter


For the sniper, I would suggest Exusiai or Blue Poison.

  • Exusiai is a great Marksman sniper with high damage against lower-defense enemies.
  • Blue Poison is an Marksman sniper that deals decent damage to enemies with low defense, as well as ones with high defense. Blue Poison’s ‘poison’ also becomes more than twice as effective at Elite 2.

I still haven’t Elite 2’d a Marksman sniper, and I have regretted it.

As for the guard, I would suggest Thorns.

  • Thorns is a Lord. Much like Silverash, who is also a Lord, has an extended range. However, Thorn’s third skill (Elite 2) can permanently extend thier range to be that of a Marksman sniper. This effect is also partnered with; extra damage, ASPD, and the fact that that they no longer do reduced damage with ranged attacks.
  • Thorns, much like Blue Poison, also does ‘poison’, which makes them effective against both high and low defense enemies. This ‘poison’ becomes almost twice as effective at Elite 2. Also, I believe both ‘poisons’ (Thorn’s and Blue Poison’s) can be used together and still do both damages to an enemy.

So, if I were you, I would go with Thorns first, and then a Marksman sniper.

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Wise words… :ak_kaltsitlaugh:

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