Need help figuring out what to do for the Ashen Wolves Banner

Sorry for the long read but, I have a very big problem to solve before this next Banner and I need advice.

So I REALLY WANT Hapi with as many merges as I can get her, but I aldo want to get Yuri for his skills. At the same time getting Constance would be great two I have a little over 240 Orbs.

Should I be summoning on evey orb till I get spark and then snipe for Hapi?

Should I only snipe for Hapi and hope I get a random other Ashen Wolf by sheer luck?

Or is 240 Orbs too little for me to try to get Multiple merges on Hapi and I should just take the garrented Spark and then what ever else I manage to get from the banner?

Is there any thing else you might recommend?

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240 is definitely not that much unless you’re lucky tbh, I’d go for full circles until spark then snipe


If you like three units from the banner I’d go with full circles too in order to be most cost efficient. “Multiple merges” in 240 Orbs is a little optimistic. Just recently I was sniping red on the Reginn rerun and didn’t get a single one in 200 orbs.


With only 240 Orbs I wouldn’t count on getting more than one or two copies, even if you snipe. The blue 5 Star pool has gotten really big since Book 5 started, so it’s become arguably the toughest color to get a focus unit on now (shucks, I got two blue off focuses while sparking Selena last week).

As you can see, the 50th percentile for just a single copy is 121 Orbs, or half of what you have. And the 75th percentile is almost your entire stash.

So since you want multiple banner units, full reels is the most efficient way to go until the spark.


Full circles until spark then snipe. Good luck!


Several options:

  • if you want to maximize orb efficiency, either snipe reds and spark Hapi/Yuri or, less efficient, snipe blues and spark…probably Yuri because colourless has so many duds at 3*-4*. Pulling both blue and red is also an option but fewer 5* per orb than red only.
  • tickets and run, save for Hapi when she shows up on a skills banner or something with better percentages. If merging Hapi trumps your other goals, I recommend this.

240 orbs won’t get you too far beyond a spark. 3% split 4 ways is generally pretty bad. Sniping blues, you’ll get her to +2 on a good run, +1 on a slightly-below-average run, and these are if you also use the spark on her.