Need help for a team please

Got some good options. Saiyan/fusion looks like your best.
Core: SS Vegito (purple), Vegito (red) and SSB Goku (blue)
Bench: Super Vegeta (yellow), Radtiz ex (blue) if you have him and GT SS Vegeta (yellow)
If you don’t have raditz then you can use SS3 Gotenks. Raditz is better and super easy to farm up too.

Alternatively you can run a strong God Ki team as well, offensively it just won’t be as strong imo.
Core: SSB Goku (blue), SSB Vegeta (purple) and Whis ex (red)
Bench: Beerus (green), Radtiz ex (blue) like before you can sub Shallot instead, and GT SS Vegeta (yellow).

If you have any more units to share I might be able to help make a better bench for both options.

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