Need help for skill leveling

Hey guys I need advice for leveling servant skill, here’s the servants :

Sorry for bad english

I’m not sure what you’re asking so I can only give basic advice most important things are

  1. who is your favourite. Their skills are most important
  2. Which skills are most important. NP charge (eg rider mordred 3rd skill) 1st atk buffs next then support skills eg evade

If you are asking which servants skills should be levelled 1st then my answer is rider mordred. You will need qp. You will need A LOT of qp. She makes that easier

OK thank you, your advice very helpful. I’m confuse to decide which one should I prioritize, because most of my servant only have lv1 skill

Enkidu: 1>2>3
Summer Pirates:3>2>1
Nobunaga: 3>2>1
Medusa Lancer: 2>1>3
Nobunaga(summer): 1>2>3
David: 2>3>1
Cu Chulainn:2>3>1

I don’t know your materials and QP. But I’m assuming you’re a new player and have limited resources.

It’s important to look at your return on investment. Leveling your skills 1-6 costs 14.5 m QP and requires low grade materials. You receive -1 on skill cooldown and increase skill effectiveness. Leveling from 6-10 is exponentially more expensive, at ~150 m QP and demanding serious resource investment, further lowering skill cooldown by 1. In other words, a 60% increase in skill effectiveness is eminently more affordable than the last 40%, for which you could have upgraded a whopping 10 SSR servants to 6/6/6 instead of maxing one for 10/10/10. Maxing skills is really good for squeezing every little bit of utility and damage out of your servant, but it’s usually not recommended unless you have several SSR and are in a position to make the investment without sacrificing other servants.

It’s preferable to level the skills of all your servants to 6, than to level up a single servant to 10/10/10.
Besides, I would discourage you from leveling any SR skills to level 10 as later down the road those materials will have been better used on an SSR.