Need help in building a team for pvp

Hi as you can see in the topic i need a team for my pvp. These here are my ex and sp units btw my shallot is already 6 stars

You got a really good roster there 1123. The best team for you is Fusion Warriors-
Core -

  1. Ssgss Vegito (Blu)
  2. Ssj2 Kefla (grn) (I recommend you to get Kefla to 6* via Multi Z Power).
  3. Transforming Ssj Gotenks (red)


  1. Transforming Gogeta (Blu)
  2. Ssj Gotenks (pur)
  3. He Ssg Shallot (lgt) (can be used in core in emergencies)

You can make GT too (fusion warriors is better btw)-
Core -

  1. Ssj4 Goku (pur)
  2. Ssj4 Vegeta (red)
  3. Super Baby 2 (Blu)


  1. He Ssg Shallot (lgt) (can be used in core in emergencies)
  2. GT Kid Goku (red)
  3. Ex Raditz (Blu)

Saiyans (for this, you need to get Raditz to Z7. You can do it by playing the ‘once per day’ battle daily. You get 100 Awakening z power a day, so 60 days should suffice)
Core -

  1. Ssg Shallot (lgt)
  2. Ex Raditz (Blu) (Saiyan Saga Goku and Ssgss Vegito are good alternatives)
  3. Ssj 4 Goku (pur)
  4. Saiyan Saga Goku (Blu)
  5. Ssj Goku (red)
  6. Scouter Vegeta (pur)
    Hope this helps.

Omg, thank you so much bro