Need Help In Team Pls

Hi there. I’d love some help in making a team. I’m unsure what I should create, any help in building one would be great.


  1. SP SSJ3 Goku(Green)
  2. SP SSJ4 Goku(Purple) *Try to limit break him to 3 stars. If you’re not sure how let me know and i can tell you
  3. SP SSJ4 Vegeta(Red)
  4. SP SSJ Goku(Red)
  5. EX Raditz(Blue)
  6. SP SSJ3 Goku(Purple)

Thanks a lot in helping me mate. How do I limit break Goku SSJ4 to three stars?

Its really easy. Go to either the sparking medal shop or the hyperdimensional shop. Look out for the multi z power. To use one go to the item tab in the menu and then click on multi z power.