Need help making a team/teams

would appreciate if you guys could help me building a nice team/teams with those I have.

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You can go with a Saiyan team with :

Core : SSJ4 Goku, Shallot, Goku Namek LF/ Goku Saiyan Saga
Bench : Raditz EX, Goku SSJ (RED), Vegeta GT SSJ (YEL)

GT team :

Core : SSJ4 Goku, Baby Vegeta 2, Goku GT (RED)
Bench (also fighters) : Goku GT ssj (GRN), Syn Shenron, Goku GT EX (PUR)

Regen team :

Core : A21 Majin, Baby Vegeta 2, Perfect Cell (YEL)
Bench : Kid buu (RED), Nail EX, Super Buu EX

SSJ team :

Core : Bardock SSJ, Gogeta SSJ (GRN), Broly EX (YEL)
Bench : Goku GT SSJ (GRN), Vegeta GT SSJ (YEL), Raditz EX

God team :

Core : Goku SSGSS, Vegeta SSGSS, Goku Rosé
Bench : Goku SSG, Goku GT SSJ (GRN), Vegeta GT SSJ (YEL)

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A team that works for me is
Core: Super Saiyan Rose, the Purple Super Saiyan God Goku(Since he’s a god ki unit to go with rose and he has the god bind green card), Sp Raditz ( to counter any annoying blue units and his main provides a green card which is perfect for the Super Saiyan God Goku on this team).

Bench: Sp yellow Bardock( buffs tag Saiyan), Sp blue Namek saga Goku( buffs tag Saiyan), and Shallot (also buffs tag Saiyan.)
If the team works for you depends on your playstyle because everyone’s different.

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