Need help making team for 'kakarot',

I’ve done up to battle 40. But it took me many tries for it. I think i need a better team. I also need a team for pvp

Heres the second page

Use SSJ Goku (yellow) the one from the new banner, SSJ gohan teen (blue) and SSJ Goten (purple) for your core. Son family is super strong in pvp right now and those characters get boosts in the event. For bench use Gohan kid (yellow) for bench and the rest is kinda up to your preference. Super vegeta (yellow) would be good

I know the previous comment said this, but Son Family all the way. The party they recommended is your go to.

Thanks for the help but i want a team that focuses on gogeta. If this is possible, i would like to use that.

Gogeta has color disadvantage in the final boss fight as broly is green. I highly recommend not using him as broly hits super hard and will legit one shot ur gogeta with a single special

Yeah, with the special damage buff broly gets at that final boss, he would be able to one shot your Ssj Gohan teen (blue), and if im not mistaken gohan does have a damage reduction.

My team against broly