Need help making team

So i need help with making a team. Here’s What i Got :smile:

You sorta have a mixed bag of characters so you won’t be able to make any full tag teams, but I have an idea for a sorta Super Saiyan or Fusion/Saiyan team that should work well until you get more guys to fill in gaps.

Super Saiyan:
Core- Gogeta (blue), GT SS Kid Goku (green), and SS Broly (purple), you can swap out GT goku for SS Bardock as he works as a powerful offensive enabler with his switch out ability; I just find him to be pretty weak on his own and the double blue to be a considerable weakness.
Bench- Raditz ex (blue), SS Bardock (blue) and GT SS Vegeta (yellow)

Core- Gogeta (blue), Vegito (red) and SS Broly (purple) or SS Blue Goku (blue). Goku is a much more powerful unit than SS Bardock so the double up on color isn’t as crippling here imo.
Bench- SS Gotenks (purple), Radtiz ex (blue) and for the last slot you can farm Gotenks (green) from the current legends road or use GT SS Vegeta (yellow). If you manage to pull SS Vegito from the banner then swap out the Broly from core and definitely swap out the GT Vegeta for Gotenks.


What do you think about a Future team?

  • Zamasu (red) <-- tank/ Regen
  • SSJ Gohan (yellow)
  • EX Trunks (purple) <-- Anti Regen!!!


  • Goku Black (yellow)
  • SP Trunks youth transforming (blue)
  • EX Gohan (green)

Or a Female team with Caulifla, Kale and Chi Chi in Core and Both EX Androids (green and purple ) and Pan in bench?

Personally I don’t see either of those as stronger options, but are still more options he could try out if interested. Regen isnt nearly as popular or effective anymore due to the various anti regen abilities in the meta now

Thats true unfortunatly, maybe the reroll on stats will cause some hell everywhere