Need help making the right decision

I’ve been playing for a few days. I am currently at about 6-4 with my team consisting of Ken, Silk, Taranor Guard and Achates.

Now my Ken is currently level 42 with the others stuck at level 40, because they are 4 stars.
Is it correct that the best way to go about promoting them is getting mega-phantasma’s levelled and promoted to 4 stars and use 4 of those for each of my hero’s to get them to 5 stars? Or should I leave that alone for now and just continue with the story and deal with that later on?

Then there’s the fact I keep seeing advice from people to level and Specialty Change Lorina ASAP. I can see why, but is that really that needed for me? Wouldn’t Ken be enough for my ST DPS needs for now?

Next point is that it has become clear to me that I am really going to need a proper AOE DPS, which I am currently lacking (except for Mercedes, who I probably shouldn’t invest in for this purpose). I saw that recently added 3 star hero Lena would probably a good choice for that. I have 204 covenant bookmarks right now. Should I use those on the Covenant Summon to try and get her or is there something else that would be advisable?

Only have a week of game experience myself, but will try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge and understanding of the game.

About promotions. Normally you need x other characters with the same number of stars for promotion (4 for 4 stars, 3 for 3 etc). Phantasmals are usually much more common and easier to get than regular heroes with the same amount of stars. So unless you have too many high rarity characters gathering dust, phantasmals are indeed the best way to go about promotions.

Should you promote your current team? I’m in the same boat with my main questing team stuck at lvl 40 and one character- at 43. Personally, I’d suggest to save up the phantasmals until you get a character you need/like or a team setup that you intend to use for a long time and then see whoever in it will need the promotion the most. In FGO terms, “grail for love or for gameplay”, I suppose?

Can’t say anything about Ken and Lorina, sorry. Don’t know much about either of them or the game meta.

About AoE dps. I actually invested in raising Mercedes’ skills to +2/+2/+2 and quite enjoy using her for AoE cleanup along with Adley. There are plenty of grass- and water-type pokemons (:stuck_out_tongue:) in adventure mode who are weak to their elements. Plus I’m character-biased.

Should you spend bookmarks specifically for Lena? I’d suggest to hold it off for a few more days until the Halloween side-story rolls out. There will quite likely be a new banner with rate-ups, maybe even of a good Aoe character. And if not, you can always go crazy in the regular summons once you know who is the rate-up character.

Welp, hope my 2 cents were of some use to you.

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