Need Help on Saber

First, now i have np5 bedivere because my worst luck. (RIP luck):). Is he worth to be grailed? Because i have lvl.98 musashi and unleveled Saber Fran. And my saber roster was dominated by ST Saber:)

Grail for love if you do not want to regret it later. In practice, grail stat buffs are minor, gameplay based thinking is only applicable to a few AoE farmers, so they could reach specific damage benchmarks.

So if you like Bedi enough - grail him. If not - save grails for future target.

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If you think you will regret grailing even a tiny bit or wont use him if his damage isnt enough after grailing then dont.
If you love the character then go for it. You can grail any servant and make it work

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Only grail him if you love him that much, if not you will regret that

Grailed mine to 80 after getting NP3, I didnt max his 1st skill yet(at 6) his NP hits hard but your big damage will ONLY be from his NP unless you grail him to 90 or 100, then his regular cards deal much better damage. This is without buffs applied by support servants. Ce’s to use- Aerial Overdrive or Devilish Bodhisattva.
As others said, don’t grail just anyone. Grail servants you enjoy using and will continue using even after months/years pass.

I wouldn’t grail Bedi for power when you already have a level 98 Musashi. While they aren’t exactly the same, there’s too much redundancy between the two for it to be an efficient use of resources. Considering you have grailed Musashi four times, I assume you like using her, so there’s not much cause for replacement.

If you prefer using Bedi, then grail him. If your Musashi is only NP1, you can even get his NP damage higher than hers. She will do far more damage overall, and provide a lot more general utility, but Bedi will make for a great anti-lancer nuke.

Grails are for servant you like and want to use. Don’t worry about what other people think.

Though, I am judging you for considering using a grail on somebody else before getting Musashi to 100…


Thanks for the advice!

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