Need help on servant future

Hi everyone, I started playing around last year, and I need some help deciding where to go from now and which servants to roll. I do plan to roll all my rare servants, but I don’t know what to do besides that.

For my other servants, I have an Ibaraki-Douji and a Heracles as berserkers. And yes, my Shiki is stuck at np 1 and level 60, which is why I don’t use her much. Carmilla and Wu see lots more usage than her. Sorry I can’t show you, image upload limits :sweat_smile:. Other than that, I have a Medea and Cu Chulainn levelled up.
Thanks in advance :grin:

Roll for Skadi, why? Simple, even if you don’t want her she is limited, and you should never miss a good limited servant, and trying to get Bryn in the LB2 banner would be good, she is a great Lancer

I second the suggestion to roll for Skadi. Also, you may want to look for banners with Tamamo, Waver, or Merlin. Support servants are considered by many to be the most important piece of a team. All 3 of those can help any roster. Of course, if you have a waifu/husbando that you really like, do not be afraid to roll for that servant! This game does not require only the top tier 5 star servants, you can get by with lower star servants when you build them properly.

Roll for the one that gets your pp hard. :fgo_hokusaiwink:


I’m told that I can use a double Skadi setup with Atalante, if I get a Skadi that is. Will that work even if I don’t have a Kscope?

I will have to search that.
And now i realise that your name is grailed Sigurd

Gacha is cruel. I wanted Proto Arthur and they gave me Clay. He’s fun to use and all, but still :neutral_face:
Same happened with Achilles, got Chiron instead. But thanks for the advice.

:sweat_smile:will be grailed extremely soon. Lamps are hard to farm. Scheherazade’s also level cause of lamps.

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I just mention your name because that remind me to the name of another user

Really, who?

Ah, yeah it happens. For double Skadi farming, here is a chart I have seen circulating. I found it helpful. Hope you do too!

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Grailed Astolfo

Ohh. Never seen :sweat_smile: :rofl:

It’s very helpful, thanks

Roll for skaid and waver
Also level your lower rarities. Some.of them are really usefulespecially if your f2p. Top picks are Hans,georgios,Hans,lu bu,David, robin,euryale,ceasar,ushi,Medea,hundred personas,cursed arm,Shakespeare, Mozart and avicebron. Oh yeah Paracelsus is broken post buff. He can help your siege loop. Also level Bunyan,salieri and Ishtar rider when you get her.also Jalter Zerker later.aaaand mecha eli chan. Basically most Welfares aare great… Except chacha and saber lily

This should help answer your question regarding DSS Atalante.

Yeah. I’m going to level all the welfares except for Chacha and Saber Lily.

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Thank you, this helps a lot

I wasn’t aware that Siege can loop. Unless you were referring to her hammer smash flip DP-gen? Is this the Quick Skadi forum or the Orca Skadi forum?

Siege is an arts servant with a 20% battery and arts up and np gain up. He was literally made to loop. Just bring para(post buff) and borrow a bride/tamamo

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