Need help on what units to invest into

So I’m a bit of an arena guy more than an AR guy, but I’ve never been super serious about the arena. I have got a few Crowns, but now it seems that tier 21 is out of reach. So I want to build some new FTP units but I’m also having a tough time deciding who.


For red I see Zihark as a somewhat appealing option, probably the only one I’m willing to wait on for several months. Any other suggestions would be great. The most cracked option is getting my +4 V!Lif to +10, and I’d have to wait for him to appear on a Legendary/Mythic banner for that. Last time I went for Lif on a Mythic banner, I got three Roys and a Catherine, so I’m not too thrilled, but it seems worth it.

When it comes to blue, I am utterly befuddled. There don’t seem to be any good blue options outside of Hilda, and I’m not willing to wait for that long. I’m hoping they release another lance armor into the FTP pool, but I have no clue what blue to invest into.

For green, I’m torn between a few options.

Caellach seems really nice, but there is also the option of Ninja Hana. The problem is when I went on FEH hiatus, I missed her so now I need to spend around 3000 grails compared to Caellach’s 1750 grails. The other option is waiting for Dedue to show up in the game and pray he’s 3-4* (unreliable). Overall, I want a unit that can last (and most importantly beat L!Chrom).

This is a total crapshoot. Nobody uses colorless cause they don’t score (at least there aren’t any good FTP options, and Norne seems outdated).

I need recommendations. Thanks.

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The other day i saw units that reach the 180 and 175 score bin, On green there was ninja hana, valentine fonse, caellach, mustafa and echidna.
On red nemesis and ena, blue had jorge not the archanean archer, i meant the botted merchant. I have dealt with some L chroms and my echidna is the best counter to those but i max invested her.
In colorless there is plegian raphael and xane.

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Do you value grails or orbs more? Depending on what you value more, it may be better to wait for a 4* focus who scores well or spend grails to +10 Caellach (I believe he is the best option for you, as Hana would cost 3700 grails if you’re starting from scratch).

Do you have any old merge projects that are either red infantry or blue fliers? The newly released Duel 4 skills would be very valuable for them, and pulling for them is going to be a lot cheaper than spending on a new potential 4* focus.


These are the units I have that match the criteria. I’m not sure about using Corrin, but he could possibly work.


Corrin is a good one since he can support your main carry pretty nicely, once you have one. I’m not too sure on the others, but Navarre could be nice with the ability to fire off an Aether pretty quickly. I have no experience with Cormag but I’m sure he’d cover most red enemies well.

Norne isn’t outdated. :frowning: poor Norne.

anyhoo. consider a few things.

Caellach can work (but i mean if you’re not too keen on him - just wait for the next green demote we almost always get green). that is if you wanna spend grails. (For me it’s kinda moot. a lot of people go “NOOO it’s GRAILS!!!” like we never get them back LOL it just takes a long time). we could get a great demote but you’ll hve to either blow orbs to +10 them right off the bat or hope you get your copies soon

Blue -
wel if you get duel 4 flying you could do Florina/Cordelia(insert any blue flier). my friend is 20.5 and they did Nowi and i have another who did Corrin, they will need tier 4 skills however.


If by the time I get enough grails/flowers for Caellach and there has been no good alternative, I might just go for him. Cormag is okay, but sometimes he gets overwhelmed. Corrin might work, but I want to bring along someone who can use armor effectiveness.

Honestly. Soleil :clap:
(or. save orbs and go for Baby Marth).

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You could always give Corrin an Armorsmasher. Still scores optimally if you run a 300 SP C slot

I was lucky enough to get R Duel 4, but getting B Duel 4 is not something I see happening. I only have 6 orbs right now, and I want to save for a potential Green demote.

I’m almost done a Soleil, but I gave R Duel 4 to Corrin… Do you think R Duel 4 is worth going for? I haven’t sparked yet.

:thinking: i don’t know. i mean… it wouldn’t hurt i guess.

at the end of the day you’re gonna have to invest into a legendary to maximize the benefits (that’s where i am at now)

I don’t know if I could justify the expense on Soleil when you’ve already given R Duel to Corrin, and you’ll likely not want to run both units at once and you need to build other colors as well. But I’d wait until the end of the banner and see what your orb count looks like

Yeah, right now I’m between Soleil and Corrin. If I get another Azelle, I’ll do Soleil, but if not I’ll likely just give Corrin an Armorslayer and Joint Drive Atk. Green is the color I need the most, cause as invested as my Soren is, he can just barely help out. Blue can hold off for a while, cause Effie is fine.

Alright so, this one’s gonna be unpopular and anyone can poke a bunch of holes in it… But for fire and earth seasons specifically, Felicia does well for me.

Now now wait just… Hear me out. The OG adaptive damage dagger doesn’t have extremely impressive stats, however she does fulfill an interesting niche: Mega Mage counter.

Life and death seal is optional, the Atk/Spd solo seal is obviously much more helpful to avoid the -5Def/Res. But this set up works beautifully to bait and one-shot kill L!Celica and Julia on retaliation thanks to the CD reduction against magic.

Bias aside, since Felicia is a favorite of mine, she’s a shockingly good mage counter. Colorless isn’t totally off the table for arena, but I absolutely agree it takes effort, investment, and even then it’s still not great. But… With some creativity, you could find a sleeper or two.


I’ve been building up a Seteth for Arena Wind season. He’s among the second highest scoring units in the Blue F2P (read: not Limited 4 Star Focus)pools, behind Winter Felix, and he has a Prf that can let you run lower scoring A or C slot skills, like Guidance, Orders, and Drives/Goads

panne’s using HB3 seal shh