Need help to build a team

Hi. I need some great team for me to use in pvp.

By the way these here are my Ex & Sp units

Hi there. I recommend using fusion warriors
Core -

  1. Ssgss Vegito (Blu)
  2. Ssj2 Kefla (grn)
  3. Ssj Gotenks (red) (Transforms into Ssj3)
    Bench -
  4. Gogeta (Blu) (Transforms into Ssj)
  5. Ex Raditz (Blu)
  6. (Recommend option) He Shallot (lgt) (shallot is a free game exclusive character which you can limit break till 6* right now. Play through the story, you will get a lot of CC and unlock different transformations for Shallot and also limit break him
  7. (Last resort) Saiyan Saga Goku (Blu). If you don’t have Shallot at 6*, use him in bench instead.
    Hope this helps.

Thank you so much

Just got myself this unit should i change him with someone in my fusion team or nah?

Btw this is my fusion team

Nah. Don’t use him in your fusion team. This Gogeta is trash as both core and bench, so don’t use him. Kefla is a much better option than him.

Oh okay, well thank you for your advice

I got the new goku black, saiyaman with the assist and fusion zamasu. Can i build new team with them?

You can make a top tier Future Team -
Core -

  1. Ssgss Vegito (Blu)
  2. Fusion Zamasu (pur)
  3. Transforming Goku Black Rose (grn)
    Bench -
  4. Ssj2 Rage Trunks (yel) (can be used in core. Get him to 3 stars by giving 100 multi Z power)
  5. Future Gohan (grn)
  6. Ex Trunks (pur)

Saiyaman is a good Hybrid Saiyan and Sagas unit. Since you don’t have good colour variation in hybrids, I would suggest against using hybrids.

Make Sagas -
Core -

  1. Saiyaman (red)
  2. Full Power Bojack (pur)
  3. Ssj2 Gohan (yel)
  4. Tapion (red)
  5. Heat Dome Trunks (red) since you run out of Sagas buffers, he buffs hybrids.
  6. Ssj Trunks (yel) (same case as above)
    Note : Your Hybrids team doesn’t come close to your future in strength comparison.

Thank you so much

Umm i have a question.
Do i need to soul boost future hohan(grn) and Ex trunks (pur)

Nope. If they are there as bench there is absolutely no need. But soul boosting is a good thing because you get alot of CC from it. If you soul boost one unit, you get 40 cc. It is useful but grind. It will not affect your PvP experience if it is just there for bench.

Ohhh okay thanks for the advice

Just got the the saiyan rose

Should i put him in my future team?


Send screenshot of your future team. Then I can decide whether he is worth using or not.

Yeah. Use your new Rose in the team. Remove the Ex Battle Armor Trunks and put The Rose there. Hope this helps.