Need help to create teams (Rank 50, top 9000)

Hello everyone I need your help to create the best teams or fun teams and a bit strong to play them, I’m taking all your ideas guys ty !

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just use a god ki team for starting 3 and combine with some sayans on the bench

purple ssb vegeta
blue ssb goku
yellow kaioken goku
red ex whis
yellow ex beerus
and just put purple broly or transforming gohan kid because they are op u may need them sometimes

Dude, I think you should do this

Full Power Boujack -purple-
SSJ Gohan Youth -yellow-
Transforming Vegeta -blue-
Goku Spirit Bomb Absorption -green-
EX Coora -blue-
EX Boujack -Green-

you have lots of really good sagas warrior units. This should get you through PVP. I’ll look for more, but for now, this is probably your best bet for a team.

another team you could use is son family

(LF) Angry Goku -blue-
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku -blue-
Spirit Bomb Absorption Goku -green
(LF) Super Saiyan Kid Goten -purple
Otherworldly Super Saiyan Goku -yellow-
Kaioken Goku -blue-
Another Great team. Though it misses out on ssj2 lf gohan and ssj3 lf goku it makes up for it with the tanky ssjss goku and defensive green goku. If you so happen to get the new ssj4 goku then replace him for Green goku as he will be the better option. but besides that its another team you can use.