Need help to progress what to do e.t.c

Hey guys, i think that no matter what i do in the game i don’t progress and worst thing is that i’m high level (100 going for 101) and i’m really bad in this game. Moreover, i consider myself off sync due to being returning player quit back in the halloween elisanne debut and picked it up in the summer celiera debut. So any ideas what to do like things to do daily what should i focus e.t.c? Also, by avoiding doing anything crazy i keep hoarding most of the stuff.

I have some pics regarding what i have:

Eldwater atm:677k

Thanks in advance.


Current meta picks:
V.Eze is the best burn applier, stick her on AI and put the Burn Punisher print from Valentines on your damage dealer.
H.Lowen and Verica are good healers, though fire doesn’t really have a bad healer.

S.Celery is great. Normal Celery is good but suffers from 50% res.
Elly is great.
Blue Astolfo is good.
Aeleen and Thaniel are the healers, yeah.

Victor is fantastic.
Noelle is great.
Lowen is fine, Xania is OK but off res.

GEuden might be the best light unit in the game right now.
Fleur is great.
HElly is good, but rare so you don’t hear about her that much.
Yachiyo is the best light katana, but that’s not a high bar. currently HDT meta.
Hilde is the best healer.

Dad is good, weird but good.
Delphi is strong, but only on enemies that can be poisoned.

Units to consider:
Halloween Mym is a solid but awkward support.
Serena is apparently solid.
I haven’t heard about H.Odetta recently? She should be good, but you have Celery for the same spot.
Xiao Lei is apparently a good buffer, but I haven’t used her myself.
Taro was used way back before Ieyasu dropped because the dark katana was the weapon with the highest attack and he has two attacking skills. Now there’s a better selection, but if you never get a meta dark unit, he’s there.

Adventurers to drop:
Mikoto is kinda old and busted, replace with Rena if you get her. He’s fine for now, just awkward.
Sinoa is RNG. Wait for 6th circles.
Julietta is the best bulk unit, but there’s no content for that currently. She’s also not the meta res.

Adventurers to shoot for:
Chelsea is really strong and will slot into your fire team well as damage dealer.
S.Julietta is good. It’s hard to me to recommend for water, it’s easily my weakest element.
W.Elly would give you the last meta HMC adventurer. Lin You is also good.
Summer Cleo? I dunno, light’s kinda mediocre right now.
Alright, Gala Cleo is the strongest adventurer in the game and they’re starting to rebalance content around her and it’s awful. After that, Ieyasu is OK if slow, Natalie is low-HP gimmick, Yaten is solid all-around, and Summer Verica is the best healer. Dark has the best adventurers, but they’re all 5*s. Latnia synergizes with your Delphi.

Weapons are straightforward, make the 5* tier 3 ones for your good/favorite units. Weapons are also where you’re clearly weakest right now. Upgrade them.
You were right to make Victor’s blade, I’d recommend GEuden and Celery’s swords. For HZD you want the void sword, not sure about HBH.

Go ahead and buy a bunch of wyrmprints from the shop, you need them. The weapon-specific prints are all great.
Finish unbinding Flash of Genius, Levin’s Champion, Victorious Crown, and the wand print.
Never use the Valentines free prints again besides the anti-burn one. Replace with Jewels of the Sun and either Give Me Your Wounded or Cleo’s Ruse. Broken Punisher is just bad.
Don’t make the same mistake I did, always buy a set of limited prints, you never know when you’ll need them.

Ifrit, Vody, Roc, Lindy, and Jugg are totally serviceable until you fill out your dragon roster. Dupe them if you really need to. Phoenix on healer, you only need one.
Brun and Zod are pure strength if you’re in a pinch.
Sakuya is good, Prometheus is OK I guess on a ranged character
Siren is apparently the worst of the skill damage dragons, but the aura is still fine. Poseidon is as bad as you can get without being pure HP.
Freya is good, and you can do this weird thing with her on Victor that makes her heal skill last forever.
Popstar Siren is bad, but light has a bad dragon selection right now.
Wiggles is a little awkward right now. Not sure where he places. Zodiark Alter is different, not sure what to say. Put Silke on your healer.

Recommendations are the skill damage dragons and Cupid. Remember that MUB 4s are stronger than low unbind number 5s.
I can’t tell you to drop dragons in good faith, use what you’ve got until you have enough of them to be picky.


Blue Astolfo is good. Who is that?
So your opinion is focus more on Lowen than Xania right?
Wanna ask you what do you think about Lucretia?
Dad is good. Who is that Audric?
Delphi for reddit is super strong i told them that he is inconsistent and they told me he is top tier dps i don’t know really about that character. Wanted cassandra from banner truth to be told but he came oh well. Still don’t know how to play that char.
No joke but since i’m a returning player Julietta+Hildegarde was the combo that i began and she has helped me so much Julietta with her def buff and combo with the odd sparrows/the three something wyrmprint the one that is after Beach Battle Wyrmprint. And since we are talking about wyrmprints any of them that are not used/useless?

About the weapon stuff not sure how to progress there really because of 3 reasons;

1)Don’t understand how weapon progression works. Some people say start with 4t3 mub others say do 1 5t3 no ub and void weapon mub for dragon trials. Not sure what’s going there.
2)The materials. They cost a ton to build how do guys farm so many?
3)Is it better to focus on sharing weapons(that can be changed between chars or not good idea?

Also, i didn’t craft the blade never crafted a weapon before i bought it during anni with the cog event. I was in between Gala Euden Light Sword and Victor Wind Blade chose the blade not sure if it’s good because blade and lance characters are the hardest for me to play with.

Is there any wyrmrpint guide that i should follow prior buying wyrmprints? From the limited i bought fully the candy couriers.

Thanks in advance.

P,S Sad to hear that we aren’t very active.

in order,
Yes, Lowen
She’s below-average to mediocre
Audric, yes
Delphi has fantastic DPS… on enemies that aren’t immune to poison. Then you’re stuck with that -60% attack.
you ask about WPs again later

1: 4* weapons are super cheap. if you need them as a stopgap to do IO, then make them. Void weapons are also cheap, but require some farming of Void dragons. It’s easier to skip 5* IO weapons in favor of Void weapons with 30% bane.
2: Do IO every day and more during double drops (like right now)
3: Focus on adventurers you actually use. ‘Shared weapons’ are a bit of a wash, because only on-element adventurers can use the weapon’s skill and t3 weapons are much stronger than t2.

Victor is fantastic, it wasn’t a bad choice at all, even if you leave him on AI.

Reddit should have the optimal WP image with a breakdown by weapon type and a few extras for sufficiently unique adventurers. They should because they stole it from 4chan. You won’t find a newer version though, because the Dragalia general on /vg/ started putting images in the background that are against reddit’s rules. I haven’t seen one updated with Chelsea yet.


So shall i go and make void weapons(with bane) mub for all my ‘‘strong characters’’ outside of healers? I actually use some adventurers that you told me to drop e.g

Sinoa i use her even though she is a bit rng i have used in her in both void battle but also in the main fire team that i used for melsa/hypnos event. I also use some others like Mikoto,Halloween Mym,Julietta,Hildegarde all the time i also use Summer Celiera too. Haven’t used Lucretia they told me that she is super bad even worse than Xiao Lei(i think not possible but anyway).

They stole from 4chan. Don’t get what you mean i don’t know what 4chan is but anyway i will ask them to pass me the ‘‘optimal wyrmprint’’ i think they call it BiS or something like that. Due to getting the annelie wyrmprint i wanna ask you how good that is? I got it via legendary drop from the void battle(also it seems i need void seeds to buy fafnirs mub them and get some money although not sure if i need have 30M atm).

You have enough water to just buy and MUB all the WPs you want.
Xiao Lei is a buffer.
Don’t be afraid to promote units.
Just MUB the gold fafnirs, and slap them on the team you use to do low level stuff for exp. You’ll have several thousand gold crystals to use for exp eventually, so don’t bother with the exp fafnir besides the sunlight ore.
4chan is another website. All the weapon specific WPs are good.
Don’t make a new thread asking for the image, just search for it.