Need Help to purchase Saint Quartz

This is technically a follow-up to my previous post on reddit:

I play FGO on the US server (with a US account) on iPhone however I live in Malaysia. For the past 2 years, I had no issues making purchases of saint quartz using iTunes USD gift cards.

Recently, I ran into a payment issue when I want to buy saint quartz, a pop-up would appear saying “Purchases could not be completed”. I contacted Apple and they disabled my Apple ID saying it violated their Terms & Conditions. They suspected it was a security issue caused by using the USD gift cards in Malaysia, something bout using currency when not living in the same region.

Anyway, I had to create a new ID but am now reluctant to use iTunes gift cards in case the problem occurs again. However, I can’t switch payment methods to credit card cause apparently a Malaysian credit card can only be used for Malaysia iTunes store which does not have FGO. Paypal also has the same restriction of being region locked (i.e. Malaysia account can’t link to US Apple ID).

So now, there’s no other way I can think of to buy saint quartz. I don’t want to change my phone to Android cause I just got my new iPhone this year and my PC isn’t suitable to use an emulator. I really don’t want to quit FGO because of this, so if there’s anyone with any advise on any other way to purchase saint quartz, your help is greatly appreciated.

Update: I’ve been thinking this through and some have advised me that switching to an Android phone might have a better chance of this payment issue not showing up. However, I’m unfamiliar with Android having used iPhone for so long and I hear there’s some recent issues regarding FGO on that platform. Any non-US Masters out there using Android phones who purchase SQ on the NA server, if you can share your experience/advise on whether it is more convenient (i.e. less security bullshit compared to Apple) purchasing SQ using Android.

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Switch to android or dont by SQ, Idk what issues you heard about but both my JP and NA account are doing fine.

I was referring to the Qooapp thing but apparently there’s a workaround for that. But yea, I’m considering borrowing a relative’s Android phone to see if this solves the payment issue.

Thanks for the advice.

Oh that, use APK Pure instead.

Or make a NA playstore account.

Playstore will try to automatically switch your store location based on your IP so if possible, use a VPN to buy story credit then use the credit to buy SQ to be safe.