Need Help Transferring Data

So I got a gift card recently for google play to roll the gssr. I’m playing FGO on an Ipad right now since the lag on my phone was bad and I wanted to see if the Ipad was better. It was but no google play on that device. So now I need to put my account back onto my phone. At least temporarily.

So I wrote my transfer number and password and all that jazz but when I go and enter the code I get this.

trans error

I’ve reissued the number and I got the same result. I haven’t lost my account (thank goodness for that) since my Ipad is still accessing it. But how do I remove this error? If it helps my user ID displayed at the title screen of my phone is the user ID of my account. Maybe some residual data from the last transfer is still around? Do I say yes and delete the transferred user ID and try to start a new game (with different account) before attempting the transfer again?

I’ve already deleted FGO from my phone twice already but still get the same error.

My account is building in a way I like so not losing Castoria and a bunch of others would be most ideal.

FGO is a bit annoying when it comes to transferring data, but you shouldn’t lose your account. Click “Yes” and then it should start a new game on your phone. Close and reopen the game, and then try transferring data again and it should work. Then you’ll have to do the same thing to get it back to your iPad.

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Thanks, it worked. Found out how to delete that data from my settings.