Need help with a team don’t have the best units tho

i also have these

You can make a Lineagr of Evil/Frieza force team, it won’t be at 100% but you have almost all core units, my suggestion is:
SP Golden Frieza GRN
SP Full Power Frieza YLW
SP Chilled PUR or EX Chilled YLW

EX 1st form Frieza BLU
EX 3rd form Frieza PUR
SP or EX Chilled

The only problem with this team is you don’t have any variant of Coora but it’s still strong

Another team is a Future team, you can make it like this:
SP Gohan GRN (transformable)
SP Goku Black PUR
SP SSJ Gohan YLW for buffs or SP Zamasu RED for defense

SP Trunks Youth BLU
SP SSJ Gohan YLW or SP Zamasu RED

  • The problem here is you don’t have Mai and her health boosting Z ability is very useful

You can also make a Son family and God ki teams but honestly, I don’t recommend you that due to you don’t have Goten (Son family) or Whis (God ki).
Also, maybe in the future they will add more Vegeta family characters and you have 2 of it’s core members so keep calm and you’ll be able to build an awesome team, believe me Vegeta family is incomplete now, but it has the potential to be one of the best teams in the entire game. I hope I could help you, good luck later.

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thanks man i appreciate the help :+1: