Need help with account recovery from people who had their account returned


So recently and for whatever reason my phone stopped working. There was some software malfunction and had to wipe all the data. Unfortunately I didn’t make a new transfer code (and wasn’t really aware that they were used only once).

Now I have sent a first email and got a reply asking me the payment receipts I made which I did send. Support answered in less than 24 hours the first time but now I’m waiting for more than a day and I’m willing to wait a bit more.

I made this post because I want to know if people sent their requests a second time with even more information if for whatever reason support didn’t reply again, or how much the wait can go on. It also seems that a lot of people say support is picky with account recoveries.

Now they did have the elongated maintenance so it could just be that but I’d like some advice because I have almost 700 days my account and really like this game.

Should I wait a day or two more and then send again? I have to say that in my first mail I gave them a lot of accurate information and they said that they found the purchases I had made ( I didn’t send the receipts in the first), without saying that any of my info was incorrect. Only for few of the questions my answers where in approximation.

I just made this post because I’m a bit anxious.

Thanks in advance!

You can check here if something like this occured before
And good luck

I had to send a second one because they hadn’t replied for more than two days.

Just to be on the safe side I added a lot more info that I didn’t include in the first one.

Got my account back and already made several copies of my new transfer code so than I don’t have any more problems.

I haven’t done that in a while, but I remember waiting like 4-5 days. Sometimes they’re faster, but they make you wait to confirm that the account is actually lost and that no one logs in to it during this time frame

I will say in my case that I ended up waiting a week that was unnecessary. When I drafted a follow-up on the seventh day, they told me that they had responded and sent me a new code in the mail the next day, which was bullshit because I was watching my email like a hawk.

You might be disclined to do so, but it’s okay to prod them if you don’t get a response shortly. They seem pretty on top of things.