Need help with Arena build

I have enough copies of Y!Marth for Arena. I have both +Spd and +Atk boons.

I’ve been analyzing matchups in the simulator ad nauseam.

I think I’ve settled on one build but can’t decide on the boon.

Dual Rally+
Hero’s Blood
Distant Counter
Joint Drive Atk
Atk/Def Form 3

The reason for this build is the %DR is enough to get him in Vantage range. NFU helps him demolish armors but only if he can survive a big hit.

+Spd is more ideal for dueling and denying doubles but I wonder if it’s better to leverage his effective weapon damage. If F!Edelgard initiates on him, he will KO her on the follow up round but only with an +Atk boon.

Should I focus more on winning his color and enemy movement type matchups or make him an all arounder?

I don’t like Brazen Atk/Spd because it’s a dead slot initially. Special Spiral is useful but also needs to get going. Wrath is useful but I wonder if NFU isn’t better.

What are your thoughts?


Vantage units usually benefit most from a strong counterattack. There’s a very steep hill to climb for him to compete in Spd with certain units you’ll find often in Arena. Spurn is a great choice, and I would suggest adding Special Spiral as well. Same reason for the +Atk boon: fire off his special as often as possible to inflict enough damage to ohko anyone. That’s just my opinion though.


Vantage strats need all the attack you can pack.

Just because he has Vantage, is playing around that strategy optimal? After all, his weapon gives him +3 Spd and Hero’s Blood adds damage based on Spd so you’re not giving up too much damage by foregoing +Atk.

Are the C and SS slots optimal? What else would you replace them with?

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There’s two ways to go with Y!Marth: all-in Vantage or incidental Vantage. If you go all-in, +Atk, DC, Special Spiral, Joint Drive Atk (or whatever attack-boosting C), and an attack-boosting seal. Otherwise, just boost speed and do a standard DR tank build or other speedy build.

I have a bunch of builds on mine and I went +Atk, but Spd is also excellent. Either way is good, honestly.


Ive been using +10 Y!Marth since his release and his best performance in Arena is being +Atk with DC / Spurn / Joint Drive atk.

If you want to try him he’s my lead unit, here’s my friend code:



Go +spd

I went +atk on mine and to this day I’ve always thought +spd would’ve been better, and even considered fruiting him.

+spd is simply more flexible and better for future proofing.

I run him with Repel and honestly? It’s not that effective. Either in AR or in Arena (which obviously this question is about).

For Arena imo I think NFU is going to be his best b slot. Then you make him into more of a duelist, who can take on cavs and armors fairly well and accidentally has vantage, which can be clutch if his special is charged or if the foe is a green squishy mage. (Because tbh, w/o special charged, his vantage rarely oneshots anything). For me, I don’t think he’s worth going all in on vantage, he just struggles to kill pretty much anything, even with his special charge, any unit with a half decent def stat can survive him easily. He needs a lot of support to do that and Arena is not really a mode based around support so :feh_lucyshrug:

DR skills are decent but I find he lacks the stats to really pull it off, he always needs more spd or bulk to work properly, but can’t do everything at once. At least this is from my experience


I’m just wondering if Spurn/Repel/Close Call work well enough to beat up slow armors and slower mages.

I know %DR Y!Marth can kill L!Leif, but NFU version will get slaughtered.

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If NFU is better for Arena, wouldn’t +Atk be more useful?

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I always prefer +Spd but I run DC/Wrath/Time’s Pulse.

In a rena he’s likely only gonna have one maybe two combats so Special Spiral won’t get a ton of use. Spurn is better for tanking which Y!Marth isn’t great in my experience and Wrath both ensures your special is charged and gives more damage when your special procs.

The combination of Wrath and Time’s Pulse means, barring guard effects, Y!Marth will always retaliate with Hero’s Blood on his first combat and will likely completely charge it up the next turn.


Generally +spd so he can also beat speedy units imo.

I don’t think he needs a DR skill to beat slow armors, and against them I think NFU is mostly better. Mages… it depends. Against slower non-green mages DR is better.

The problem with DR that I found is that either he get’s beaten up even through the DR (needs more bulk), doesn’t have enough Atk to finish some units off (needs more Atk), or doesn’t have enough spd to really compete against some speedsters (needs more spd). But it’s impossible to do all these at the same time. The reason why I think NFU is best is so he can pretty much always beat armors, and is still pretty flexible to deal with other threats.

Also I wouldn’t be so sure of that DR Marth vs L!Leif matchup. I’ve seen him lose that enough times that I won’t make him face it in the first place unless Marth’s on an defensive tile, if I can help it. And yes he’ll get rolled if he runs NFU. But frankly, Y!Marth is really bad in water season. Loses to L!Dimi, loses to L!Chrom, loses sometimes to L!Leif even with DR, it’s generally not a fun season.


Yeah. In general, lean into a unit’s strengths rather than patching weaknesses. Every unit is weak to at least one entire class of units, sometimes many. Sometimes it’s worth it to patch up one of a unit’s weaknesses (Svallin Shield is great in Arena for F!Edelgard), but most of the time, it’s better to be a relative specialist.

I used Y!Marth primarily in Arena for his effectiveness against armors, which is why I went +Atk. That also meshes with his Vantage on his weapon and other build choices. I stopped using him when I stopped seeing any armors I couldn’t handle in other ways. He still rocks for Arena Assault and any time I really want an armor or cav to die. He’s a pretty good cav line counter with NCD if you want to use him as a specialist in AR offense.

He can’t stretch his stats to be all things at once.


Yeah I agree with this for sure. Didn’t mention it because it’s an arena thread, but yeah, Y!Marth is a great cavline counter. I gave mine NCD fairly recently and his performance basically skyrocketed against cavlines, it’s imo his best set, if a bit niche


Would you still recommend an +Atk boon for NCD cavline counters?

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It’s whatever. I think that a lot of cavs on cavlines are pretty squishy, they’re nothing amazing, except maybe D!Lif, who he pretty much loses to no matter what IV.

All in all, Y!Marth’s IVs don’t matter too much and while I have mine at +atk but would prefer +spd, it’s not so much of a difference that it’s the end of the world or anything. I still think for NCD builds +spd is better, and either way, it’s more flexible if you want to branch out into different builds