Need help with Arena Pls

Hello guys i have a question about Arena and im stupid and dont understand it, is bst or Merge Mode important? I trying my luck with arena since 3 days and all i get are 744 points per match … last week i got like 746 my Team ist tharja +8, fae +10, Y!marth +10 and fallen julia +1 bonus unit and i Was thinking if my rudolf 217 bst is giving me more points then +8 tharja

Thanks for your answers and sorry for my english,

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You can check your score range with your units on this site

Priority is merges, armor have higher bst but rudolf is pretty hard to merge so tharja +8 will be better scoring than a +0 rudolf.


BST refers to “Base Stat Total”, so unit stats without adding weapon might or any other extra stats from skills (like Fury), Summoner Support, etc. The first merge does affect BST since it fixes the bane/adds extra stats.


You can always check your score by going into Allegiance battles :feh_birbpeek:

Thanks for the answers what are allegiance battle?

It’s right above arena

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While both BST and merges are important, merges are more important. Take this example. Micaiah has the lowest BST in the game but is merged, while Sothis has the highest BST in the game but isn’t merged.


Ah sorry :sweat_smile: got the game in german ok thanks for the help