Need Help with assassin of Paraiso





I been trying out Mash, Berserker of El Dorado and Anderson with Mecha Eli, Iba Douji and of course Musashi as support. hasnt been working.

I also have a like 30 or 40 Fou i could use, I Already Fou Lancer Alter, Berserker of El Dorado, Ozy, Nitocris
so if you have any recommendations who to fou that will help in fight would be great

Can you clarify how far you’re getting with this line-up? I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t be suitable.

i can get past the purple hp bar, idk if im just unlucky but sometimes she will completely focus on my dps at some point during each fight. I use change order mystic

Do you happen to have your David leveled, or even a Medea of sorts?

nope sadly, am i gonna have to use command spells :( ?

Uh, if your current selection of units wont cut it no matter how many times you have to reset, you might. I’m sorry to say but it’s going to get more difficult from here. You really are going to want to consider raising David, especially for a couple fights down the road.

Granted, I’d wait for the other advice the community may be able to offer before doing so.

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i been using Divine Banquet on Mash, Aerial Drive on Berserker of El Dorado, Battle Olympia on Mecha Eli, Devilish Bodhisattva on Iba Douji, and A Fragment of 2030 on Anderson.

Should i make any changes to ce?

Personally, I’d put Iron-Willed Training on her. I think Divine Banquet is a bit overrated on her, as usually you’re going to want to use Mash’s taunt to charge NP and that already provides ridiculous gain.

I don’t personally believe there’s a better CE for her, so this is ideal.

Uh, that’s okay I guess, and you’re a bit limited on options.

I think it’d be used to use Divine Legged Race on her, given it increases her staying power and also helps her strong ST NP.

This is good.

Mash or Hans (Projection or Iron-willed Training on Mash or DB with Hans)/CEO (BG ideally, especially leveled higher)/Musashi/Leonidas/Iba (Art of Death)/MechaLiz (AD) is prrrrobably the best I can come up with atm? Although even budget Casters a la Para (I used him, to great effect), CasCu (although more so if lucked into NP2+ because his damage is noodle), Medea (top BG candidate), and Babbage all work well as well. In fact I did a primarily (entirely?) Caster low-rarity run and it was relatively smooth sailing.

See, CEO is great and a top BG candidate because her battery both prevents debuffs and gives up to 60% charge across 3T, on top of having solid active NP gen. Pair that with freaking BG, and a taunt unit in the form of George, Leonidas, Benkei, Mash, and you can buy her a lot of time. Especially since their dying resets the deck, potentially allowing for more BBB or BAB chains. To boot, Mash has targetable invul/gen up to slap on her, and isn’t weak to her like George, nor paired with bronze stats like Leonidas (who also has a Guts to buy another turn and a 3T Buster up for tasty buff-stacking). If lucky, you can get off a Musashi chain and potentially NP with her to wreck face before Paraiso ideally yeets her out of the fight with “fun” Assassiner crits. So, Mash can help her gen more to Outrage Amazon it up, and then in 2/3 turns when it’s time for her NP, you just yeet her out as well with her self-taunt.

It’s not very joyous, but you gotta make hard choices when dealing with an Assassin that can deal dumb crits and charge her gauge, and you have limited gold choices for blitzing through her (which is the best option).

You may very well have to CS, but w/e, that’s what they’re there for. IMO I’d put BG on Amazon, AD on MechaLiz (battery, NP Up natively, great for nuking her down quickly). DB is far superior on supportive units, tbh; you make a very crucial trade-off slapping it on DPS’ a la Iba, especially when she doesn’t even benefit much from its OC supercharging unlike Ridertoki/Bedivere. Thus, I suggest putting it on Hans… especially since the man’s got a battery. Insta-NP, boosted buffs, hopefully everyone sticks around longer. You really, really want to end this fight as quickly as possible, and 2030 on Andersen does not lend itself well to that despite being a good CE in itself.

IMO something like… Mash (Projection)/Amazon (BG)/Musashi lol/Hans (DB)/Leonidas (Training)/MechaLiz (AD). Or replace Leo with the aforementioned Iba (AoD), although given Amazon is one of your best DPS’ and is hella fragile, I suggest taunters. If you run the way of not Order Changing 'sashi out as well, i.e. move away from relying on the Plugsuit (though it is great), you can then run Anni Blonde for more bursting if applicable, or Atlas for durability, or MA for gen + mild healing + fishing for right cards. As mentioned though, if you gotta CS, it’s nbd, that’s what they’re there for. It’s also viable to instead run Three-Legged Race on Iba though to ideally buy you a turn, even if I’d sooner suggest Art of Death because damage mod + in-kit NP/ATK Up + in-kit DEF buff and debuff cleanse = Nice.

[I actually just remembered Vlad (EXTRA) exists with his taunt, so he’s a functional replacement for Leonidas for taunt shenanigans. My mistake there. Only issue with him is that it only lasts a turn, but hey he does have some sustain, and passive stargen.]

Other, random comments: Not suggesting Ozy because class disadvantaged. He’s great, but unfitting here. Not LAlter because she’s incredibly bursty, and after her NPBB or NP -> BAB it’s way harder to get her up and running again, at least in the absence of Waver and/or Merlin which heavily ameliorate her problem of being so bursty. Not Nito because she’s a trash bronze clearer, not a boss fighter. Not Eli, she’s a lady-support and you lack PG/Outrage to slap on her, else I’d rec her for boosting the Queen. Not NR because she’s low-leveled and noodly. Not Herc because I don’t see his bond CE. Emiyalter is good but will fall in due time without the Arts supports past Hans. Nero doesn’t buy very many turns, and her main steroids are unreliable.

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Hey, you lost me on some of the Shorten terms such as CEO, BG,
Also not sure when you use DB if you are referring to Divine Banquet or Devilish Bodhisattva

CEO = Penthesilea
BG = Black Grail
DB = Bodhisattva
My mistake for not recognizing you had Banquet, I failed a spot check there despite checking repeatedly, else I’d have clarified that for sure.
Apologies for that, though, regardless.

I emphasize BG because even if it’s not MLB, but especially if you can get it to higher levels (mine’s only L40 :<), it’s your best DPS CE full stop, and IMO Penth is your best offensive unit, and they make an outstanding pair in my experience.

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its np, i just wanted to understand.
Thanks though i appreciate.

Whats the difference between AD and AoD (i dont know which one is which sorry)

BTW, do you have a raised up Mozart or Shakespeare? If going all in on Penth wrecking house, either would be a great addition with their Arts steroid and guaranteed crit skill, and Buster steroid and targetable 20% charge, respectively.

sadly no, im fresh out of xp and caster materials
Spent most caster on Hans and used Xp on Robin and Euryale Archer

Aerial Drive is worthwhile because it’s a fantastic combination of MLB for 50% charge, Buster Up, and NP Up. It’s your best option for NPing asap, and in tandem with MechaEli’s DEF buff, potential outside defensive measures, and her charge, it’s entirely reasonable to NP asap… and the girl’s basically got Black Grail in-kit, on top of lowering DEF. Very nice for dealing a lot of damage, really fast.

Art of Death unfortunately lacks a charge, but it deals special 25% (30% MLB) damage vs Humanoids, which is literally every Servant same BB (Summer). It’s a special modifier, stacking multiplicatively with your other buffs, i.e., Iba’s in-kit ATK/NP Up. She wouldn’t be used to NP asap and as much as possible due to lacking a charge skill, so emphasizing a bunch of facecard damage is worthwhile. Incidentally, this is also why units like Orion and Jack can deal such bonkers damage, no less with top-tier supports. It’s pretty legit.

sadly no, im fresh out of xp and caster materials
Spent most caster on Hans and used Xp on Robin and Euryale Archer

Shucks. Well, IMO make them a priority, especially Mozart as he’s relevant to min-turning the Salter node with Christmas 3 on a budget.

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Thanks for teaching me, seems i still have a lot to learn

Great decision here. You will thank yourself for this a couple fights down the road.

It’s all a learning process (if desired; much of the game can be leisurely gone through with class adv and minimal learning), heh. Either way, focus on killing ASAP. Accept that you might just have to hope RNG yeets 'sashi out for you.

And, yeah, accelerating Robin’s and Eury’s growth was a wise choice. They just ain’t optimal rn. But eh.