Need help with choosing a 5s adventurer! please


This is my first post!
I want to receive advice on which adventurer to pick in the lineup of the dream summon.

I believe that my fire, light and dark teams are decent as they are, even though I don’t have any of the Hildegarde versions yet.
That leaves my water team which has Xander and S! Julietta, so I was thinking on picking Lily, because I think that she is strong and have seen her a lot on many teams comps.

On the other side there’s my wind team, which has Lin You, Sylas and Louise, so I’m not sure who to choose here, but there are good choices like Victor, W! Elisanne and Maribelle.

Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you!
( I’m tempted on picking S! Cleo, cause she’s so pretty)

Xander and Julietta are great water units, though they’re both stun res. Lily has fallen out of meta and has a history of problems (too low HP for high brun, hard to deal with freeze resistant enemies, DPS loss skill). It’s hard for me to give a recommendation here, water has the smallest pool of nonlimited 5*s. Perhaps consider summer celery if you’re really wanting to do expert high brun.
Sylas is ‘meh,’ but Lin You is good and Louise is solid. Victor is one of the best units in the game and Wedding Elly is also great. I’ve been told the meta has left Maribelle, but she’s still very solid.
For other elements, Hildegarde is indeed one of the best healers in the game. Natalie is great in all content assuming you have the skill level to not get hit. Delphi and Cthonius are good, but aren’t on the dream ticket.

If you don’t have Hildegarde… get it. It’s a gamechanging healer and the gap between the other healers and Hildegard is HUGE.

BTW: S!Cleo is a waste… Actually the best archer but just because the ligth archer pool sucks in average x’D

PS: + you can use Hildegard on virtually every content helping you with every healer lack (mostly thanks to the “neutral” damage on light adventurers) except the harder or late game content.

Generally, i will advice any player with that doubt to check the tier lists and her lacks at any element. There are some really good in ANY element so definitely that’s a decision to just to you. (maybe you can guide about the High dragon Trial top tiers xD… maybe…).