Need help with choosing who I want for the 4* ticket

I need help with choosing which 4*! Should I choose Zerkerlot for Skadi? Or should I choose Saberlot/Yagyu as I feel that I need a solid ST Saber?

Neither, Pock Stheno, she has a triple quick deck and benefits the most from Skadi.

Pick the one you feel will be harder to come by but remember Berserkers are super effective/weak to everything plus certain servants aren’t good they just function well a certain way if you can build a crit team go saberlot if you want how Yagyu functions grab him no servant is a island they all work in context of someone else

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Do you already have a superscope or waver for Zerkelot looping? if yes Zerkelot if no Saberlot or Yagyu.

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If you want a Skadi NP Looper, it’d probably be better to go with either Parvati or Atalante. Zerkalot needs either a MLB KScope or a Waver in addition to double Skadi in order to NP Loop.

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These ST sabers are both very good, far better than zerkerlot who is just a NP cartridge blasting a wave into 1 turn of 100% crit and then dies. plus, the requirements for him NP looping with skadi are quite high.

Plus this ticket allows you to pick amongst story lock servants, who are a lot harder to get because you can only get them from story gacha (who sucks) and from rateups (and generally you prefer to target SSR servants for rateups over SR servants).
My point is that both lancelot saber and berserker are in the story gacha, therefore you can get them easily, whereas yagyu is story locked, therefore I think the best servant to pick in this situation should be yagyu.