Need Help with my Arena Core

This is my current Arena Core. Caeda is a recent addition, added over a Duel 3 Selena and quite frankly is not pulling her weight right now.

However, the issue is that none of them aside from Nino is pulling their weight right now. I struggle to beat most foes in Arena and I don’t have enough Skills to just start experimenting with builds or new units. Especially because I am not that good at building units. I mean, just look at Caeda’s C Skill! I keep forgetting to change it^^

Therefore: How would you improve on this team? What units would you replace (with other F2P options), what skills would you change and why? I know I said I dont have infinite resources, but just assume I have everything. I’d rather have a goal to work towards rather than something I necessarily can do right this moment.

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Nino could benefit a lot from the c-skill that Ascended Laegjarn has because it protects her from atk and spd debuffs and securing more kills in the long run. Also, wings of mercy? Nino needs to kill and support units need to teleport her. She NEEDS combat oriented skills like desperation, lulls, spirals and such.

Caeda either needs a spd/def rein or atk/def rein to secure more damage, specially if you want to use wings of mercy to jump from her and there. I assume you want to help Nino with the debuff of res through wings jumping but it does absolutely nothing for Caeda during combat. Also, Heavy Blade on Caeda is a very poor choice since she has very natural low attack. She needs either swift sparrow or blade session. If you want Caeda to be more selfish and kill stuff herself then change the rein and give her def trace to help her do more damage. Change her special as well since she isn’t really a good Galeforce enabler. Try Eliwood instead.

Seteth also needs a def debuffing rein and distant counter does nothing from him because powerhouses like any archer Chrom will kill him without mercy. An impact skill could help survive more rounds.

That’s my two cents on the matter.


Well, Caeda frankly looks terrible. HB seal is absolutely redundant because it doesn’t stack with her weapon’s Flashing Blade, and she’s pretty much never going to proc HB over FB.

She and Nino want something for combat on the B skill rather than WoM. Pegasus Flight is probably still the best for Caeda, if not a Trace or Flow. Nino could use something like NFU or a Lull. For C, Caeda obviously wants any Rein that doesn’t include Res. If Nino is gonna use that C, you might as well refine her tome for Spd.


Caeda really wants Flow Guard from Thorr. It gives her partial NFU which helps against most armors and lets her deny Fedelgard’s special from activating. Also also, don’t use Heavy Blade seal. Flashing Blade refine already does what its job, and her Atk is horrible for Heavy Blade procs, so instead go for more stats like Blade Session or Atk/Spd Solo. Also see about better Rein skills like Atk/Spd or Spd/Def.

Seteth… no, just no. I get that having Dull Atk/Spd makes him bulky, but DC and Wyvern Flight just isn’t worth it. Especially with Ruptured Sky, as it’s gonna deal less damage. He’s better off as a slayer with stat-boosting skills like Swift/Surge Sparrow, Near Trace, and support skills like Joint Drives to stack with his Prf. Heavy Blade seal too. Here though, he seems the most likely to swap out as he’s gonna require more work to adjust and would easily be swapped out for a Blue Legendary (see below)

You’re lacking a Legendary which will make it near impossible to maintain T21 easily. I recommend looking into running someone that compliments the team well and can provide support for them, such as Tiki (far save support + defensive buffs for Nino’s Prf), Chrom/Lucina (Movement Assists, Armor slaying/plegian debuffing), or Hector (Time’s Pulse for the entire team + further buffs for Nino’s Prf). Just keep in mind any non-armor Remix units will need Duel skills, but Remix banners will be your best bets as they allow you free spark every time you do 40 pulls on them


I have some suggestions for FTP units that can be used arena. But in case you want to keep using one of these three, they could use some work. Here’s some tips:

  • Seteth isn’t a great user of DC, he’s weak to bows and his resistance is too low to bait mages. That only leaves daggers when it comes to ranged foes.
  • Caeda doesn’t target Res, so get her either Atk/Spd Atk/Def or Def/Spd Rein (or another C skill such as Tempest, but preferably a rein since she needs the stats)
  • Heavy Blade doesn’t stack with her PRF, also Caeda’s attack is too low for Heavy Blade anyway
  • Both Caeda and Seteth could be improved by a Trace skill, these work great in arena where movement is key
  • Joint Hone attack is wasted on Nino if she gets the buff from Atk/Spd gap. She could use another stat boosting C skill, like the recent Rouse 4 skills. they work really well on Nino since she’s very weak to panic.
  • Wings of Mercy is rather situational on units build for combat. Personally I would only put it on a dancer like D!Peony

Do you have grails? If so Yen’Fay is a pretty good FTP option at the moment, he scores well without the need of duel skills and is pretty powerful. Y!Innes or Yamke are also great but do require foddering a Yuri to score optimally. (Y!Innes scores the same a Seteth without a duel though) There’s also W!Ignatz who can be a pretty good Far-Save unit. There’s more ofcourse, but the older ones need more investment.

Non-grail options I like are M!Morgan, Kaze, Cecilia (especially in water season) But all of them need duel skills if you care about staying in the higher tiers. Letting us know what kind of fodder you have available could help us pick a unit for you that suits that fodder.


Man, I knew my build on Caeda was bad, but I actually was somewhat confident in Seteth. Well, thats why I am asking, to learn.

So, to summarize: Brush up on B Skills especially, and check better for synergy. Also focus more on combat.

@SothisPocus I got enough grails and feathers to quite literally +10 any Grail Unit that has a cost of 2200 on the spot. I dont have a Yuri though, because I am merging him. The only duel skills i do have available are from Saul, Erynis and Pent.


Seteth’s build isn’t terrible for PvE but it’s bad for Arena.

In particular I found that, in practice, a stat boosting A skill is far more valuable than DC. The ranged units that show up in Arena are mostly Duos and Legendaries that hit so freaking hard that you don’t want to be tanking them anyway. Seteth also has low Res, is bow weak, and sure as hell ain’t dodging a Lynja quad, so DC is not helping him at all

Also there are many bulky armors and insane speedsters in Arena that Wyvern Flight will not help you against because Seteth isn’t a very minmaxed unit.


If you have trouble against units like F!Edelgard or other DC hard-hitters, consider something like a Windsweep Young Innes with Ruptured Sky and Time’s Pulse. He scores 175 BST with Spd or Def superboon. Can also bait and kill the common flying refreshers like Duo Peony.


So sorry but most of these old units don’t work in arena anymore.

I recommend investing in Y! Innes for a strong nuke. He can carry your team most of the times.


They could work if only the stupid BST system was not at play at such degree and people had the choice of, god forbid, actually bestow upon their units the best skills they can manage to get in their A-slot. Yes, leave there the Arena Bonus unit because they have to sell new characters but be more lenient about the scoring system. At this point they either release tier 5 duel skills or mercifully release a mode like summoner duel where you can choose which arena version of the game you want to play.

Some people here have expressed this remark on building him and I’ll join the ranks. Young Innes is quite the strong unit and right now he is worth your time and fodder. Not to mention that he will get a refine eventually so he can potentially be a great lasting investment.


That Caeda build genuinely hurts me lololol :catroll:

It’s simple enough to fix tho. If you have flow refresh/flow guard, or pego flight (which I use), those are much better. Give her an atk/spd solo in seal or any other A/S boosting skill. C skill should be A/S or S/D rein.

Caeda absolutely can be viable in arena and she’s in my core, but she does need to be basically optimized. Without completely optimal skills she can be… not great. Here’s my build for reference.

Caeda tends to be better in fire season and worse in water, just a general rule of thumb. Earth isn’t great, and wind is… fine ig.

Honestly I think Caeda is better than a lot of people give her credit to (I’m biased tho lol), but she just needs to be optimized. Pego flight, a rein and an actual seal will increase her effectiveness a ton.

I’m not as experienced in the other two units, but I think a good general change you can make is use more stat based skills. For older units like Caeda and Nino, they need all the stats they can get. So skills like WoM, and Guidance on Seteth, DC too, should be replaced. They’re good utility, but when running a team of older units, you don’t have that luxury. You’re gonna be needing stats, and a couple extra slots of stat boosting skills can make a huge difference.

If you had to fully replace a unit on the team, it’d be Nino. She’s pretty… outdated, and there are a lot better nukes out there.


Nino may be outdated, but mine’s still doing her best while also not being at her best because I’m cheap af.

She won’t beat everybody with the windsweep, but she’ll defuse F!Edel’s DR for Caeda to one-shot (hopefully) afterwards. Slow physical tanks can get kited around terrain with guidance help too.

You might want to consider panic ploy somewhere. It’s cheap and it can cause you to win matchups you had no business winning because of rally spam. It’s the reason why I still use RDF3 Aversa to this day, lol.

One other cheap suggestion I can make for the time being is also renewal 3. It’s essentially unlimited HP if you can stall, and guidance shenanigans with two fliers fairly can.


In general, B-skills are really important. WoM is for refreshers and some other hyper specific uses.

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Lots of comments on Caeda especially as well as recommending Y!Innes. Guess I might have to get over my aversion of using child units.

Upgrading Caeda is gonna be a big issue for me though. I checked my skills available and to put it bluntly: I got none of the stuff for her. I mean, I do have an extra Bridal Catria, but I would like to keep her vor now, honestly. And other than that Trace Skills have eluded me pretty much. Atleast a red Replacement for her is easy with Kyza and Yenfay available. They dont lose out on good A-Skills either.

@SothisPocus Seeing as you asked what I got in terms of fodder - I realized I answered that insufficiently before - well, I got a ton of Lull Skills lying around of almost any available kind , a few Null Follow up and C-Disrupts, the classics in terms of A Skills (DC, Sparrow 3, Sturdy Impacts, Sturdy Stance, Mirror Stance, etc.) I think I still got a Henriette lying around, but its my last one, Got 4 Brave Mariannes that I dont need, an extra brave Dimitri, Guard Bearing, Heavy Blade 4, Special Spiral is available, as well as Time Pulse… Spurns and Close Calls I got about 2 lying around… a few Rein Skills too, and an extra Nott.

However I dont have any Trace Skills (that I am willing to part with) and quite a few of these skills I mentioned I only got one of, so while it may sound like a lot, it isn’t actually that much. Also I dont have any of those fance tier 4 Rouse Skills. In fact Tier 4 C-Skills are easily what I have least of: Most of my invested units dont have one cause i couldnt afford it


Thanks for the additional info, here’s a suggestion for an updated team. I don’t want to recommend anyone that scores less than what you currently have, so I’m sticking with Yen’Fay as my recommendation. To replace Caeda in this case.

Other A skills that work for Yen’Fay are Atk/Spd Solo 4 or a Stance skills. I made it so that Nino and Yen’Fay have the same Atk/Spd total. Both will benefit from Seteth’s gap skill if you build them like this. It works incredibly well with Atk/Spd Unity.

I’m aware Yen’Fay has a solo condition, meaning you have to place him one space away from other teammates to get all the effects, personally I have no problem with that.

I see no reason not to stick with Nino, especially seeing how much you invested in her :feh_nino:

Iris’s Tome +Eff isn’t ideal when you can get her Atk buff from another source. I prefer +Atk or +Spd refine. Her best B skills are Null Follow-Up or Lull Spd/Res. Blade Session is currently the best skill for nukers.

It’s too bad you don’t have a Rouse 4 skill, but you don’t need a tier 4 for scoring. A tier 3 version can also work just fine. Just try to get visible buffs on ALL of Nino’s stats, either with her own C skill or by supporting her with a gap. Atk/Res Menace is also a pretty good option. If Nino doesn’t need her own C slot for getting all the visible buffs, you can go with something like Time’s Pulse or a Joint Drive.

Lastly, if you can get your hands on Ruptured Sky, it’s way superior to Aether which takes forever to charge.

As for the third unit, as long as you don’t have a legendary unit you can stick with Seteth. The build below uses B Duel flying for extra scoring, but you could also wait and see what Shigure’s refine has to offer. Thea is also coming up soon. Maybe don’t invest too much into Seteth right now if you plan to replace him sometime. I think Distant Counter is better replaced by the Duel or Sturdy Impact though.

While Y!Innes is a great FTP unit I enjoy using myself, he scores less than Caeda without C Duel Inf 4. Yen’Fay scores 2 points higher and it’s good to have someone on your team that’s build for enemy phasing some opponents. Something your previous team was lacking I think. Seteth is now a melee specialist and Nino will hit harder.

Btw since you have Far Save you can also build W!Ignatz instead of Seteth. B skill is flexible: Special Fighter and Slick Fighter are good options, the best one would be Savvy though. Weapon can also be Spendthrift bow.


I hope this helps :feh_lysitheawave:


Wow, that is one great answer! Thank you so much!

Sadly I dont have the Grails to build up both Ignatz and Yenfay, otherwise I would just make both. I got enough Brave Mariannes for the Unity after all.

In fact, I have most of your suggested skills, some minor things like Def/Res Gap are missing, but I should be able to make do. Ruptured Sky I technically have two of, but one of them is on Summer Byleth who I only have once and dont want to part with yet. But, I got a Valentine Owain: If I recall correctly Blue Flame scores the same as Aether/Ruptured Sky, right? It is probably an on average worse special, but would it work on Nino (specifically Nino, as it would work against Yenfays Solo Condition)?

I do have the duel Skill for Seteth, but I wont give it to him; for one, he has the highest likelyhood of being replaced next - unless I find an absolute meta breaking build for Legion or something - and secondly, I try to move away from most Duel Skills, atleast on melee units. I got multiple Sturdy Impacts lying around, only need to choose whether to feed him a Summer Ingrid or a Tibarn, which will probably depend on my plans for Guard Bearing.


Oops, I meant to say Ignatz instead of Yen’Fay. Yeah, Blue Flame can work on Nino, it’s slightly better than Aether, Ruptured Sky is leagues better than both though. Probably best not to give Seteth any valuable fodder if he’s the most likely to be replaced :feh_setethcry:

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