Need help with my ticket

Hi, i just want to know which servant will be the best in my currrent situation, i’ve been playing for 27 days so i don’t know about team composition, i will post all my servants, i hope you can help me to decide, thanks in advance. Also, is there a possiblility of farming the halloween event in demon difficulty with my current team? (Nero Bride, Merlin Brynhildr, Heracles and Mash, i usually use a brave eli supp in the event)

Bride, Bryn, AND merlin in a month old account? EX luck there pal.

Your choices are wide open since you can use something in most every class. But with mecha liz coming up and the fact that knight classes tend to be stronger and you don’t have an sr or ssr archer yet, I think I would recommend Emiya. Emiya is really strong, especially when you complete his rank up quests. And he’s AoE archer so covers what the second Christmas welfare doesn’t. Np creates a ton of stars that you can crit with the next turn.

Lalter is another option. She is a strong servant that pairs well with merlin, but she does overlap roles with Jalter lily welfare coming up. She is story locked through, so harder to get.

Another view of picking is to get supports so you are more free to pick any dps from support list. Merlin rather surplants Helena, so I would go with casgil. Sometimes viewed as a budget tama-chan, but he really helps crit servants by increasing star drop rate by 100% when maxed.

But if you have any waifu or husbando, especially story locked ones, feel free to get them instead since your needs are so wide open.

Agreed re: wide open, and MechaLiz’s general existence softening your Cavalry picks. She’s strong.

I wouldn’t agree with EMIYA nor LAlter, as Merlin’s deck + kit allows you to more easily borrow a hypermaxed out EMIYA and allow them to destroy, than your own not-maxed-out one, and due to Janta’s existence (despite LAlter’s strong in-kit crit buffs), IMO, but I see the argument. I’m of the opinion that her 20% charge and the inherent strength of NPs outweighs that in broad strokes, though.

CasGil is dece and allows you more freedom to pick an offensive Arts unit, much like how Merlin allows you to more easily nab an e.g. NP5 L100 10/10/10 Drake, although I’ll note that he requires some dece investment and said investment isn’t newbie-friendly (fair Babylonian stinger farming, never mind proof hell).

If I had to rec someone for you it’d be Astolfo since they can get up to 50% NP charge, then with support Waver T1 NP, which is super-duper handy. Not like you’re swimming in Riders anyhow, and would provide a distinct difference from MechaLiz’s ST NP. Plus they’re super-cute.

F’course the typical comment of following your heart goes here: If e.g. Gorgon makes your heart flutter, even if I’d not rec her at all, then go ahead and pick her; you’ll definitely have a better time playing with someone you actively adore than someone who’s ‘meta’ but unfun.

I would recommend Nitocris. She is the Queen of Farming and 90% of the game is farming. You’ll just want to focus on raising her second skill to 8 to be able to charge her NP gauge by 100% and her first skill as high as is possible to increase her instant death chance.