Need help with Selkie build

These are two Selkie builds I had in mind, but I have no idea which to run. I can’t remember how long I’ve been using DC with Odd Res Wave and Distant Def Seal, but I was thinking of trying ploys to take advantage of Selkie’s high resistance. I tried using Fury 4 and 3, but I just can’t get used to Selkie without Distant Counter as I’ve been running it so long. I also plan on replacing Lull Atk/Spd with Lull Atk/Def whenever Dimitri reruns. Which of these builds would you guys recommend, if either of them? If you wouldn’t recommend these, what would you recommend?

Selkie’s native B skill is better, i feel.

Welcome!, both look pretty good but I like more the one to the left, I feel it emphasizes more on her magical tanking capability, you could run [Atk Smoke 3] on her and leave the RES buff for another unit, maybe runing triple tactic skills like Titania? :feh_maethink:.

Oh the best boon is +atk since her damage potential is a bit low, you may want to take that instead if you’re wanting her to deal more damage (her speed will still be high and she has the PRF weapon’s effect)

i prefer +res because it adds to all her other stats.

Sounds pretty good as well if wanting to make her a magical tank more than damage unit :birbpeek:

I’m going for either +Atk or +Res once I get more merges, she’s only +Spd right now because the other boon was +Def.

I’m going to try out Atk Smoke ( if I ever get a F!Grima I might try out Res Smoke for her weapon) and change my Kaden’s Link skill to Atk/Res (current links on Kaden are Atk/Spd, Atk/Def, Spd/Res, and Atk/Res)

I see, well it’ll mostly depend of what do you want her to make, probably +res ends up being your choice and you add the [Brazen Atk/Spd] seal as some compensation :feh_maethink:.

Not bad, [Atk Smoke 3] is pretty good to make her more resilient against other nearby enemies however [Res Smoke 3] sounds interesting (well as long as you don’t use daggers this is a fine investment specially if you like more Selkie) for what you said and can be used for a magical mate on your team to deal more damage :birbpeek:.
Good, if he’s the buffer on your team excellent she’ll get a ton of aid: atk/spd is pretty good but maybe you want more the atk/res one to help Selkie tank more while keeping a nice boost to attack (her speed should still be pretty high!)