Need help with solomon

I’m having trouble with the 1.5 mil hp Goetia boss.
I’ve seen people using bond 10 heracles to solo the boss, but I have none in my friend list.
Any tips in beating the boss/ anyone with a bond 10 herc they wouldn’t mind putting on support list for a little bit?

I don’t know your other servants but I used a double merlin and jalter. But instead of jalter you could use and buster DPS you have and a support merlin.

Effectively, you need a very powerful single target DPS. I used an Illya. Took 3 command seals and 2 Quartz, but I beat them.

The fight after was far easier in my opinion, no NP-insta-kill.

I have a NP4 10/10/10 with Bond CE Heracles you can use. PM me if you want to add me. I have some spots left.

Thanks for the help, managed to beat him with an bond 10 herc from another forum.