Need help with team making

I’m not very good at team building so some help and guidance would be great, thanks.


Well, to suggest the best possible team it would be great if I could see all of your EX units too.

Hi. You can use Fusion Warriors.
Core -

  1. Ssj Vegito (pur)
  2. Ssj Gogeta (grn)
  3. Transforming Ssj Gogeta [DBS (Blu) ]
    Bench -
  4. Ssj Gotenks (pur)
  5. Vegito (red)
    Since you don’t have more fusion warriors, we will use Saiyan tag buffers in bench.
  6. Ssj GT Goku (grn)

You can also use Saiyans

  1. Ssj4 Goku (pur)
  2. Ssgss Kioken Goku (yel)
  3. Ssj 3 Goku [LF (grn) ]
  4. Ssj GT Goku (grn)
  5. Ssj Goku (red)
  6. Scouter Vegeta (pur)

I’m just gonna do that cause I’m very new to this site so I’m not sure if you saw my reply or whatever, I dunno how this works